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Trouble Cutting


I'm trying to drop my calorie intake in order to burn off 10lbs of body fat. Yet I'm really having trouble dropping the calories. I just feel hunry all the time.

I'm trying to hit 2500 calories. Yet I keep on hitting 3000-3500 calories a day. I can't burn off much body fat at all at this intake. As much as I try lately, I can't get the calories down enough.

Anyone else have this type of trouble?


Increase cardio instead?


Already doing 30 minutes every day.


Maybe try and progress down to 2500 250 at a time? Might make the hunger issues easier.


as mentioned it would be easier to comment if we knew what you were eating.

in general, and i'm not patronizing, increase vegetable intake drastically, and substitute fruits for other denser carb sources.

  1. Decrease carbs, increase vegetables.

  2. Increase cardio.

  3. Give your body a week or two to adjust to the decrease in calories.

  4. Try a diet soda once in a while, the carbonation will fill your stomach up.


I've notice that about diet soda. It does help out. Only thing is it seems to get my face puffy looking. Ever notice that?


Yeah I've noticed that too.

Listen chances are you aren't hydrated enough. Didn't I read somewhere that the majority of hunger feelings were a result of dehydration and not actual hunger? Try drinking a gallon or two a day of water. That should help you keep down the calories.

Maybe even look into some appetite suppressants.


it looks like there is a lack of fat in your diet and an over reliance of cereal based carbs based on your current state and goals.

replacing some of the cereal calories with healthy fats and fruits will aid your progress even if you do not cut down on the calories. it will also reduce your appetite as they are more satiating.

2 apples and no veggies is nowhere near enough.

check out this thread by CT, he lists his nutrition intake for a day. since you are shooting for less calories, ignore the amounts and look at the ratios (or you can multiply by .65 to get roughly your target). i think he skipped the greens powder, but he mentions he uses it.

there is no veggie intake for the opposite reason that you should be eating it: he has trouble getting in the calories if he fills up on calorie-empty veggies.


Know of any appetite suppressants that are easy on the hair line? The phentermines work damn good, but shead hair like crazy.


Right on, thanks. I really should go with more veggies then.

Think I'll buy a few packs of frozen veggie mix and cook it along with the chicken tomorrow.


No. But I'm not a pussy.

I'm dieting now. Of course I'm hungry. Do you expect to feel otherwise?



whenever you are hungry you can do two things to stave it off:

1.chew gum

  1. drink water(tea,diet soda)


CaliforniaLaw, relax man.


How about replacing a couple of the sweet potatoes with some less calorie dense veggies. You could also cut a few calories out of your two tuna sandwiches by making one very big one, or use a whole wheat wrap, and throwing some filler in there like lettuce (or a premade salad mix).


To echo the others, decrease carbs. This shouldnt be too hard since you're already alot for a cutting diet. You should also add more fats.

Also, nutrient timing is very imporant. Try to get your carbs in before noon, and fats afternoon.

You could try ditching the EC and try HRX?


If I was currently following a similar diet to the one outlined above and wanted to cut calories I would make the following changes (included within a section of your quote so read through it if it's all in Grey).

6:00 AM: Ephedra/Caffine (add some BCAA's)

30 min light cardio (wake up 30 mins earlier if necessary)

7:00 AM : Chicken/Sweet potato (Half your Sweet Potato serving and add a generous serving of veg, I recommend Broccoli and Cauliflower as they are also high in fibre which will help to fill you up)

9:00 AM: Chicken/ Sweet potato (half the Sweet Potato and add some veg)

11:00 AM: Ephedra/Caffine (add some BCAA's)

12:00 PM: 30 minutes cardio @ lunch (Drop this until you start to reach a fat loss plateau, it's important that you know that you can turn up the heat when it's required and it will be required).

2:00 PM: Two tuna sandwiches (Have 1 and a half sandwiches, you can lose the half when you start to plateau).

5:00 PM: Fiber cereal, 1% milk, Whey protein (I wouldn't really be having cereal especially at this time of the day so have this for your breakfast and have the Chicken, Sweet Potato & veg for this meal)

7:00 PM: Shake, apple (Drop the Apple and make this your 10:00 PM meal)

10:00 PM: Chicken, sweet potato, apple, wheat bread. (Make this your 7:00PM meal, half the Sweet Potato serving, this would be sacrificed if a plateau is reached. lose the Apple and bread or least the bread and and some veg).

If you could apply something like this you would start to lose fat fairly easily. The only other thing you will need is to embrace the hunger. It may sound stupid but the hunger is inevitable therefore you have to try and change your perspective. It's similar to the pain we experience in the Gym, you learn to love it because you associate it with progress.

Towards the end of my recent cut I went as low as 1400 calories a day and you are always hungry. I started telling myself that the feeling of my stomach rumbling was the feeling of fat melting and that I would just have to put with it or fail.

Do whatever it takes to stop yourself cheating (looking at pictures of what you want to look like, looking at pictures of what you don't want to look line, calling yourself a pussy if you cheat, it doesn't matter what you use as long as it works).

Good luck.


Thanks bud. Damn your diet does look a lot like mine lol, crazy.


If you're just trying to lose those last few pounds of bodyfat, one option would be to check out Berardi's Get Shredded plan. Good luck with your goals.


I think this diet is a little too extreme for his needs. Even a week or two of the V-diet would be extreme.
All he needs to do is lose some of the carbs, and optimize nutrient timing and he'll most likely reach his goals.