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Trouble Cutting Weight on Tren A

A little background. I’m a nontested 220lbs class powerlifter. Competing in 2 weeks and weighing in as of this morning at 225lbs ish. I’m running Test E @100mg/E3D, Anavar @50mg/ED, Tren A @65mg/ED, and the E/C stack at 75/600 respectively. By the cycle I’m sure I can show you that I am trying to build a lean dry body with main focus being strength. However I’m on a pretty substantial deficit and cannot seem to lose any weight. I’ve noticed mainly that I seem to be bloated in the midsection (ie. Subq water and distended gut) however chest, arms, delts, and quads look lean, full and vascular.

Just went in for bloodwork this morning to check sensitive E2 and prolactin along with Test. On this dosage of test I’ve never really needed an AI and thus haven’t added one in order to make sure joints stay healthy. However along with the bloat I’m noticing lots of anxiety and ED (weak erection and premature ejaculation) I’ve since added .25 caber twice weekly to combat in the case it’s prolactin related. But why would I look so wet? I’ve read that it could be cortisol so I’ve added 700mg Ashwagandha which has definitely relieved some anxiety and it’s only my second day on it. I also dose about 600mg B6 for help with prolactin as well. Has anyone experienced this bloat while on Tren? Can someone shed some light on it?

I don’t think it’s wise to start throwing in ancillaries such as caber, AIs, etc without labs first. Just makes it harder to diagnose. When do you get lab results? Where they taken before or after caber etc?

Caber was already taken a couple times. Bloods were taken today. Should have results in 5-10 days

Seems like boner issues are trend of the week here. Why didnt you run caber to start?

I ran 300 test prop, 150-200tren ace, 60 var daily and had best cut cycle i ever ran

Put on size & cut real nice… i cut my carbs slow over 3 months and added cardio

Ran .25 caber eod
.25 anastrozle eod
Hcg 500
No issues except occaisonal shitty trensomnia

Do you have access to any diuretics? I mean a last resort, but its worth a try.

Not particularly keen on diuretics. Due to the dehydration and HBP risk. I’d just really like for the Tren to work the way it does for most people and keep me lean and dry

Results back from bloodwork

Reduce your test dose slightly. If you are cutting, you don’t need the extra water weight from aromatization .

At the moment, I keep my tren high and test at around 125mg per week. This helps keep the weight peeling off.