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Trouble Cooking Fish on the Foreman


Ever since I got my Foreman grill, I haven't been able to cook fish well on it. After about 5 or 6 minutes, its crispy on the outsite and falling apart on the middle, a little like a big fish-stick. Other times, its just like mush from the pressure of the lid. Anyone else have milar problems or suggestions? Should I leave the lid open and flip it, or maybe spray with olive oil before cooking? I'm lost here because I love fish and I love my Foreman. Any help would be great


when cooking anything on the foreman, chicken, steak, fish...i always make small cuts in the meat to help cook the inside. i also flip the meat after so long and go perpendicual to the first grill marks..(checker board pattern) seems to work for me..


I know it's convenient and all, but really, the George Foreman Grill does terrible, terrible things to meat. Or at least mine does. The first time I cooked on it, whatever it was I was cooking - not because I can't remember, see, but because it was unrecognizable - came out as dehydrated as an Ethiopian on diuretics. I was aghast. I died a little on the inside.


I cook "Trident Seafoods Wild Salmon Burgers" on mine and they come out great. I've tried cooking steaks and filets on the foreman and they come out shitty all the time. These salmon burgers hold up pretty well, though I agree that you should make slits to help cook the middle and turn at least once.

I get them at Costco wholesale, so depending on if you have those out where you live you might want to give em a try.


these grills cook too fast i turn mine off after a few minutes as there is no heat control on mine,just to ensure the middle gets cooked properly


I have absolutely no problems with foreman grill. I am curious as to whether or not you all pre heat the grill before using it? I always put mine on the five minute setting till it dings for pre heat time before I use it. I don't use any kind of non stick spray, and everything from Steak to Vegetables cooks fine on mine.


It always dried out my meat, too. And yes, I preheated also.


Just my .02 here, but with Chicken or Beef I have to take it off a bit before I want to, otherwise it will dry out. I cook a lot of the frozen Salmon from Sam's on it and it comes out pretty good, but if I try to cook a fish like frozen roughy or tilapia that doesn't have much juice or fat it just crumbles.


Hey guys,
I think I have a simple solution for some of your problems. If it dries out your food (chicken, beef, etc) then reduce the time by a minute or two and let the food sit for a minute or two after cooking. In regards to the fish, try rubbing some extra virgin olive oil prior to cooking.

Remember, George will not do you wrong!!!


Haha, I love the George Foreman photo!

I just got my Foreman Grill-- the second to the largest size-- and it's FANTASTIC! No problems whatsoever. Is your (the original poster's) grill an older version???

I agree with the person who said to cut your grilling time down. I grill my meats in 1/2 the time, since both sides are cooking at once, remove the meat just short of the desired doneness, and then after removing the food from the grill allow it to sit for 5-15 minutes before cutting/eating....the sitting will allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat so it stays juicy, and also it will finish cooking through.

And ancien chinee seclet....fish is good when slightly rare in the middle (I like it really rare). Or if you like it fully cooked, remove fish when the inside is still slightly pink and allow it to rest for a few minutes after removing it from the grill, it will finish cooking over those few minutes. Never cook fish 100% through over heat, it will generally end up losing it's delicateness, tasting fishy and drying out.

A side note...I've found the best meat on the Foreman grill so far has been the Costco pre-marinated tri-tip steak (the one in the vacuum pack) and also from Costco that Foster Farms jumbo pack of pre-marinated chicken breasts, four breasts in three different flavors.


If it's drying out your chicken, try putting the chicken on while the gril is still cold (no preheat). This seems to cook it a little slower and you don't get that Foreman crisp on the outside.

For fish... I don't know. Use the oven! Learn to broil! With all this fucking around/making slits/propping up the lid on the Foreman it's probably easier. If you don't like cleanup just line your pan with foil.


Good advice from Jared. My chicken never comes out dry this way. Salmon works just fine too, though I haven't tried any other types of fish Tillallitpailaiawhatever.



Man, I busted up some chicken on the GFG and followed it with some brocolli. Just take some frozen brocolli florets sprinkle them with some Olive Oil and cook for 3 mins. Had that with some garlic brown rice and I can't wait for the leftovers lunch!

Have faith in George, he will do you no wrong!