Trouble Concentrating

Hi guys, Im having a lot of trouble concentrating with my study. Ive never been great at concentrating on stuff but have never been this bad either. Ill sit down and just look at the book rather than read it. Im easily distracted also. Have you guys got any tips. Any help would be hugely appreciated!


Although I don’t have a lot of experience with Powerdrive, I have heard both Chris and TC mention that they will down a serving when they really need to sit down and bang out an article. It may be worth a try.

try fish liver oil

Couple things…

  1. If you are having trouble understanding a concept, some of the symptoms are frustration, apathy, boredom, distraction, and just not doing it. Make sure you understand everything… it makes it easier to study, and might make whatever you learn much more worthwhile to you.
  2. Try ‘ten minute challenges’ - pick a chunk of material, and just read through it really fast. Then take 10 minutes and write down the best summary of the material you can from the information. Then read it again. Sometimes this can be very useful.
  3. Try understanding it in different ways.
  4. Get enough sleep - its one of the most important factors in effective learning.

Maybe you don’t read enough. I found increasing the number of books I read for recreational purposes helped me study better.

just keep practising
im at varsity at the moment can exams are coming up in 6-7 weeks, i know that when i start hitting the books hard, that i wont be able to concentrate for more than 30min tops before i need a good break.

it doesnt take long before im doing 2-3 hours before i raise my head to look at the clock, mental ability like physical ability can be trained

Take studying in small doses. (Study long study wrong, it’s true). Personally, when I am knee deep in the books and the words become blurry or I am not really focusing, I’ll get up, walk around, read a T-mag article I’ve printed out, and then get back to it. I’ve found making flash cards to be very helpful. I also use personalized mneumonic devices, often very disturbing or sexually-based, but it’ll stay in your head (or maybe just my twisted lobes. Example; for my History of Psych class we have to know a whole bunch of ancient Greek philosophers, one was Heraclitus, well it took no time at all to be able to remember that one, even to start making up little stories in my head about his exploits. God, I’m 22 and getting less mature…

MBE: “T-mag’s official study buddy since 1430. JADABB founder, 2002.”


i agree that reading recreationaly helped me become better at studying… also if you cant concentrate cause your daydreaming jerk off sounds like bs but it always helps me quit going off into la la land

Try working at Wal-Mart, pushing carts. Then remember, this could be what you do the rest of your life. Then go back to studying, and see if that doesn’t help you focus. Worked for me.

Thanks everyone
Franks - Im pretty sure I understand everything. Although i do have the sympotoms you mentioned. Its probably just a lack of motivation.
Keep the ideas coming everyone

I always found shorter blocks of studying to be better. Much like your body, your brain starts to respond better when it gets used to the system. I would always study for 20 minutes, 5 minute break. Then another 20, and a 5 minute break. Then another 20, and take a 15 minute break. After that, start the cycle over again. After a while, my brain got used to it, and I could almost stop right on time at the end of the 20, without looking at the clock. Try it out and see if it helps.

Also, I found that if I was having trouble falling asleep, I would go to the store and buy the absolute cheapest, crappiest coffee I could find. Then make a double strength cup of it. Just one taste would keep me up for quite a while.

Best of luck.

Since Im a big ‘College Man’ now i have input i can share with you. Long boring ass study sessions in the middle of the day are what works best for me (like 6 hours at a time with a break only to eat). Overdose on ephedrine and caffiene and SHUT OFF INSTANT MESSANGER. Put on some familiar music preferably without words and wait for that shit to kick the fuck in. BOOOOOM, quiet room + no instant messages + low volume music (for sanity)+ stimulants = study heaven…at least for me. Also, there is the promise of happiness and fulfillment after the study session for accomplishing something great with ur time instead of beating off. I usually do this studying thing 2 times a week. Alright, I have to go take a shower I smell pretty bad. I think my sweat glands are ‘adapting’ to this deodorant…perhaps i should just spray my armpits with lighter fluid/explosive compound and set them on fire and just start all over again and hope it works out.

Try downloading some baroque music… research has shown it really helps retention rates, etc. Powerdrive and some of this stuff coming softly out of my speakers does me in for at least three or four hours. Good composers are Vivaldi, Telemann, Mozart, and Corelli.