Trouble Catching Power Cleans

I cannot catch the bar due to lack of flexibility and kind of bad form, and have no coach to teach me, but I still want to implement them into my routine. I was wondering if it would be as efficient to power clean the bar and instead of doing a full catch, just flip it down…it’s hard to describe.

At 30 seconds, I guess it would look like that.

Stop what you are doing.

This is the type of thing that can keep you out of the gym for a long time.

Start with Romanian Dead Lifts and Front Squats. If you cannot do either of those correctly, you should not be doing any cleans.

If you have those down, make sure you warm up with front squats and get those wrists limber. Use stupid low weight. Technique first, progression second.

Otherwise, recruit a trainer who knows these lifts to spend some time with you.

Why the hell are you doing power cleans anyway?

WTF was that!?!?

God Almighty, just practice the damn things and be patient.
Stretching is always a good idea as well

nvm guys, I did them today with VERY low weight and got the form down.