Trouble Carbing up

It seems like the last few weeks when I carb up a bit, my muscles are not filling out completely. I knew that I would have to cut out all stimulants that day as it tends to hamper glycogen resynthesis for me. But I have done that and am still not holding my pump. What other factors could be involved?

Generally I restrict carbs on off days, and on training days have two carb meals including pwo Surge, sometimes I do a higher carb day when I feel flat, but im not getting supercompensated.

Should I add in ALA? or something else?

You need sodium and water as well, are you getting adequate quantities of those?

Yes I dont limit sodium ever, usually i season with sea salt. I drink close to a gallon a day, or good new zealand water or ice age.

I got off all my supps, and have been filling out more now. I actually think that Carbolin 19 was reving my metabolism and not letting me fill out like HRX DOES FOR ME.