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Trouble Aspirating

I’m injecting into the thigh (250mg Test E) and I just did my 4th injection. I keep struggling to aspirate and i end up shaking the needle which causes my already newb muscles to be really really sore the next few days. I’m also concerned i’m not succeeding in really aspirating.

How can i get a better grip to pull back the plunger (which is currently requiring a ton of force) and also how soon will I know if i’m in danger of having injected into a bad place (arteries or blood vessels) if today’s aspiration didn’t work? There were bubbles but i’m not sure if that’s just the air i initially put in that i mistook for new ones.

Each time i inject there is a small drop of blood that comes out of the site a minute later.

You will know VERY quickly. Also, small drop of blood aint shit… push gear slower and wait 30 sec before pulling pin out. However your holding the needle is prolly wrong. Watch videos man. You can literally watch other people aspirate on YouTube.

Use a small syringe, max 3ml… it’s easier to aspirate and push… do it slowly, very slowly… take your time, do not hurry when proceding and during the injection… about injecting inside a vein, you’ll know it very quickly, as beachbum5133 said, before you die, you’ll be able to feel the taste of the drug… kkkk… just kidding (but is true)… if you do it right, even doing everything right, sometimes (rare cases, but can happen) a little bit of the oil goes inside some vessel you just ruinned when putting the needle, mainly when you pull off the needle, then, you feel some sides, maybe some cough, some drop in blood pressure, but you need to know this is going to pass (if you did it right), don’t go crazy! Wait and you’ll be fine.
If you inject all inside arteries even a good vessel, you die!

It isn’t a big deal if you aspirate and don’t get bubbles. This happens to me with insulin pins. I pull back on the plunger and just wait a bit. The main thing to look for is blood. If you don’t get an air bubble it’s not the end of the world. It almost seems like you are rushing things. Just take your time.

And blood coming out of the site is a perfectly normal thing. You’ll have blood and even a little gear leak out sometimes. Just pin and leave the needle in for 30 seconds or so after you push the gear in(very slowly). As you pin more, and your body gets used to the pinning, things should go smoother.

You can go through one side of a vein and out the other and will not show blood. Post injection oil can then get into vein sometimes. Chances of end of needle sitting clear inside of a vein is rather remote. Veins have nerves and when you hit one you get a diffuse ache where you can’t localize the pain, the pain seems to be over a large area. In that case, abort and relocate.

Bleeding: This can be surface or internal. Internal can create a lot of inflammation as well as swelling. After injecting, compress injection site with finger for 10-15 seconds and this will allow tissues to seal off and prevent almost all bleeding and bleed-bruising.

Smaller gauge needles create less damage. TRT guys use #27-#29 1/2" insulin needles. 1/2" ml syringes develop more pressure than 1.0mg syringes and that reduces injection times. These syringe are slow to load. Many inject subq to avoid decades, TRT is for life, of needle damage to muscles.

It takes so little to plug the end of a small gauge needle; aspiration is not going to guarantee anything.

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