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Tropical smoothies

Hit this new restaurant Tropical Smoothies. It is a franchise thing. They had mrp smoothies,protien and fat burner smoothies and weight gainer also.

Their Mrp smoothies were made with myoplex.I had one of these and a chicken wrap and felt like a fat bastard when I left.

Anyone else seen these?

Man, all these smoothie places (yes, we have a Tropical Smoothie) are horrible. They use crap products and the calories on these things is outrageous. I think the lowest calorie smoothies are in the 300+ range, and that’s pretty much nothing but carb calories.

Most of the smoothies you would want or think are good for you are loaded with sugar and more than 500 calories. Most are near 1,000 or more. Be careful. You will feel like a fat bastard when you’re done!

I make my own smoothies. I use some OJ, some fresh fruit and some protein powder. Yes, mine will have a good deal of calories (a good P+C meal), but I use it as one of my typical 5-7 meals. Much healthier, and I use better quality products.

Yea i noticed that the calories were extremly high. It is better then McDonalds though. I would not eat their very often but every now and then I think I could

Yeah, every once in a while is okay. The key to life is moderation.