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Trooper Punches Woman After Car Chase




Any "law enforcement people have tough jobs and make mistakes!" comments?


If you're going to run from the police, expect to get your ass beat. It's the ones who get their asses beat for no reason that I sympathize with.


Don't bother me none. lol. If i had to P.I.T. manuever someone because they wouldn't cooperate and pull over, how do I know they're not going to try to run me over?

She brought it on herself.

Was it excessive? Marginally due to her age.

Do i think the guy should get fired? Probably not.


I don't see any problem... don't want to get punched in the face... don't run from police. like sam said.. I only sympathize if the person didn't do anything and got the piss beat out of them.


I half agree with you. I'm fine with a slight use of force to slow her down, but he punches her REPEATEDLY. I highly doubt she was fidgeting as if looking for a weapon; you can see the first officer either hit her window with his night stick or smash it in (I can't tell on my phone), and then the other one starts punching her.

That's ridiculous.

Any officers on here:

A) Is simply not stopping your vehicle immediately after being asked to pull over enough reason to use force?
B) Is there a rule to how much force should've been used in this situation?


I'm sure it's a blurry line between "enough" and "too much" force... but they already had to force her to stop by hitting her vehicle, and then they had to tell her more than once to give them her hands.

she got busted for DUI, so she obvi wasn't thinking properly, and says she can't remember much, go figure.

under the influence or not, everyone knows those lights and sirens mean one thing... stop what the fuck you're doing!

I don't blame the guy.


don't run from the cops.

i mean seriously, it's that easy.


She was on drugs or drunk and tried to run them over. I have little sympathy for this one. I meet crazy people everyday. Our founding fathers were well aware that sometimes, some people just need to be pimp slapped.


Brutality is an overuse of, or excessive force. They got her pulled over and cornered. She's a woman. That cop could have just yanked her out of her seat instead of punching her, OR he could have just turned off her car. Reacting with his emotions and trying to justify it doesn't fly. That's the same reasoning that cop in Seattle tried for when he unjustifiably shot the old woodcarver.


that's not fair to try and compare the two cases ID.

come on man.

plus man, the cop that instantly relaxes and thinks 'oh, it's just a woman' is the cop that gets shot/stabbed/sprayed/whatever


Uh, yeah...one case where a man is walking down a street minding his own business as he gets shot to death by cops is JUST LIKE a case where a woman tries to kill some cops, is on drugs or drunk and won't stop her car as she keeps hitting them.



Agree completely. There are some big, loud, and tough women out there. Acting differently just because of the sex of the offender makes little sense here. Doesn't equality cover this as well?


Gotta agree. As soon as IronDwarf said, it's a woman, IMO that shows your judgment was clouded by gender and not the situation. We never even see the woman in the car. For all we know, she could have been some 300 lb behemoth. But regardless, she was using poor judgment and endangered her life, the police officers' lives and the lives of the general public. She was lucky. She could have ended up full of bullets instead. And it was obvious from the video, the officer was not striking out of anger; but looking for a certain result - getting her out of the vehicle so she was no longer armed with a 1 ton weapon.


I used to give cops the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore, I assume they are just as crooked and violent as everyone else. I reserve judgment until more info comes out.


I might not punch that dumb bitch, but I'd definitely grab her by her hair and drag her out.


This pretty much sums it up:


If she showed little regard for the lives of others, she should not be given the same consideration.

So... beat the FUCK out of her ! Seriously, sometimes a good ol' fashioned ass kicking works wonders. With all the shit people do, it's no wonder cops are as high strung as they are. Follow the rules and you will most likely not have a problem.


I also think people are overlooking the gender issue, and forgetting she was driving a car. A very dangerous weapon, regardless of age or gender. Bottom line, whoop DAT ASS.


LMAO. I miss that show. That shit was hilarious.


Crazy woman who has to "be stopped" =/= some guy walking down the street.

I don't care that she got hit a few times. There are real and serious abuses of police power. Those should be what we focus on. ...just my 2 cents