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TRON 2.0


Nostalgia, updated. God I love the look of that universe. =0)

(Sorry, no good babe shots available)


Are there other stills available? Where did you get this?


Did a search on Google using Tron 2 gallery. Also saw it on Amazon.com (via www.tron2.com). Good search.


Hey, look, the Tron-minator!

(Slight resemblance with Arnie. No link with the other T-series)


This was a pretty good game with a good story line stemming from the movie. The graphics were great and I loved Rebbeca Remajn Stamos (spelling?) character in the game.

In the end though it was just a 1st person shooter with Tron graphics, which is still cool.


Indeed. Finished the game (31 levels? or something like that). It`s worth all the good press, if you like the genre.

Faithful in all points to the original movie (had to, they had the graphics designer of the original film in the crew).

I like the formula. Very much like Enter The Matrix. Shooter with extras, like some puzzles, good story, tons of cinema between levels to keep you in the feel.

And, yep, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos adds to the experience, indeed.

Maybe there were holes in the script, or terminology bloopers, but personally I did not see any. Guess I`ll have to beat the game again to find them. wink


For those who like the genre: