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Trolls=No Life?


Seems as of late there have been a lot of trolls on this board, and it makes me think. Are these people really that pathetic and have nothing going for them that they do this stuff?

I mean seriously, I can't see how any normal person would behave in such a manner. There has to be something psychologically wrong with someone to register, log on and start posting in such a way that is utterly nonsensical.

Before message boards what did these people do? Or have message boards spawned a new breed of losers?


Before message boards they lived under bridges.




Party crashers, Talk Show call-ins, and writing hate mail for small newspapers.


I think that over half of these trolls are people who left in a huff. They don't want to piss off every person they "knew" so they make up new names and act the fool. People also get pissed off when they feel people aren't paying attention to them and they figure negative attention is better then non at all. Just my two cents.


Sometimes they're math teachers. :wink:



I think they are former teacher's pets, who after graduating, now see forums as classrooms and must annoy everyone in them.


How is it any different than the guy going on a quilting message board?

Same shit; get over it.




You missed it. We raided a quilting board; shit was funny.

Trolling is fun. Saying people have no lives on the internet is kinda lame. And you're the one making threads about it.


While I waste a lot of time on this site, I'd like to think I at least get something productive from it.
On the other hand to go on a board just to make retarded ass posts makes no sense.


Yet people continue to respond to them. Feed the fire and then complain about the burn.


No. But they have spawned a new breed of whiney-ass bitches.

Interwebz, serious business, y'all.


Someone has to tell me what quilting is
I don't know what that mean, english is my second language



You're such un troll.


You sound over sensitive about this harmless little thing.
I think those guys are funny and the posts following their bullshit are rather entertaining...


And BTW, OP's post is exactly what trolls expect you to do. They feed on that...ignore them and they go away.


there used to be a time when trolls were actually kinda funny. now theyre just sad, the game done changed yall


that's what I'm getting at. It must be a sad existence