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Troll Vote

I call for a troll vote…My first pick is HeuyOT. Next :slight_smile:

Mr Push ups


[quote]Natural Nate wrote:

I agree.

damn. Y’all beat me to all three.

Oow oow, pick me, pick me!



Professor X!

Oh… You mean you DIDN’T mean troll as in a big scary guy who eats everything in sight? lol


Klipemet : That guy who posts pics of anime porn and tentacle rape.

MrPushUp : the douchebag who contradicts even himself.

Anyone who says Bruce Lee was muscular. And was the best fighter ever. Or anything of the like.

ronald regan avitar guy.

I have no idea who the other guys are, but Mr Push Ups makes me laugh now and then. He wins the Internets.


Mr. Pushups.

“An internet troll is a person who sends duplicitous messages hoping to get angry responses, or a message sent by such a person. The term derives from the phrase “trolling for newbies” and ultimately from trolling for fish. Its use, refering to unwanted internet posts, originated on usenet. The term may be abused to slander opponents in debates and may also be misapplied to those who are ignorant of etiquette.”

Kliplemet is not a troll

MrPushups is hilarious


Pookie. Unless he’s bipolar in which case I apologize.

Varganir. What a tool.

& Push Ups.


Shh… don’t tell everyone!

Well I for one think bodybuilers are all fags with shrivelled up little nutsacks in their posing pouch.

j/k :wink: