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Trojanman scammed me out of 335. He used chemco labs which im pretty sure is real from what ive heard but he sent me the list as if he was chemco and took my 335. beware folks.

wow and I thought I was the only one, please be sure to post this on the other boards. He got me for 300. Sent me the same gay list but was playing a double role and was acting as the source. Did you send the money via WU to phoenix AZ or that area?

YES! that stupid fat faggot. Francois Lazar was the name. I swear if i find him i’m going to knock all his teeth out. Spread the word.

yes francis lazar was the person I sent the money too also. I knew I wasn’t the only one. Well word travels fast my friend and people have eyes which is a good thing in this case. I allready see post’s regarding this matter on other forums.

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I hope his real name isn’t Francois Lazar. Otherwise someone will track him down. I know I would if I got scammed out of some serious money. Sometimes the only thing more dangerous than selling drugs is the person you’re selling them to.


Nice to bring the scammers public. However guys do a bit more research before you forward the money next time. As i’ve noticed as soon as you post on this board that you are able to get stuff the PMs flow your way. In some cases it would just be too easy to take someones money. Hopefully it works out better for you next time.
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I’m going to chime in with something that might be a little fucked up to some but it’s my opinion. This board isn’t really an “aas supplier” board hence unless I’ve seen someone post ALOT and know they’ve been around for awhile I don’t help them. What do I do? I tell them put in more time and things will open up. IMO that’s how it works, at least on this board.

BTW, it’s pretty friggin east to find board with alot more open policy.

Sucks about the scammer thing though. Just something to consider, I’ve been scammed once and the guy who did it was around for a few years and had a pretty decent rep. All I can say about that one is don’t order from sources that sell narcotics like pain killers and other bullshit of that nature.

Thanks for making the scammer publicly known. Im still waiting for some gear i’v ordered from a site. Sorry to hear your out of the money .

My best

As if i wasant apperehensive enough about scammers/ Well, Its good to know that others are getting the word out about these loser scammer fags out there.

I ordered from one of the major internet suppliers several months ago and received half of my order in about 10 days and the other half never showed. I also never received a seizure notice but according to the source the shipment was sent. Was I selectively scammed or was it just “lost” in transit?

Impossible to know but it would be a clever and easy way for them to pocket a few extra bucks here and there because they have many clients on this board and others who give them rave reviews so they’ll continue to get their fair share of business. The moral of the story is that it’s a shady business to begin with and you have to expect that you’ll taken for a ride at some point.

least you got half your gear man. It is a shady business, just have to make sure of references and cross check feedback. Its a learning process.