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Trivial: Uglier when ripped.

This isnt a really heavy thread, instead its more of a ‘shooting the shit’ deal, but does anyone else find they get uglier as they get leaner?

I’ve noticed that I do and its sort of bothersome, seeing how I’m no looker to begin with. :wink:

All kidding aside, boxer_al, in a recent post, mentioned that he looked like a skeleton from the neck up when he was 3.6% BF.

I’m sure other people have noticed this about themselves, so I was just curious to hear your thoughts on it.

Yup, I hate how my face looks when I’m lean. My cheekbones start to stick out and a vein shows in my forehead. Plus, it makes my nose look long. Oh well, what can you do?

My parents and grandparents always told me I looked sick when I was low carbing. (I’d lost 26 lbs, and 3 inches on my waist. I went from 188 to 162, and I’d say roughly 4-5% bf). It wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself that I realized what they were talking about. I did look sick. I decided to eat massive, and put more muscle on me, and I look a great deal better at 170 or heavier.

I think your right though. It’s tough to find the balance, because a lot of use want to be big and ripped, but, not big, ripped and sickly.

Well I think I look a lot better around 8-11% body wise. I hate the way I look when I get over 13-14%. I put on fat first in the lovehandles and my lower chest. But when I get lean my face also gets lean and a lot of people comment on my face being too thin. I guess I can’t please everyone.

I agree, from the neck down I looked like something worth looking at! But my face looked anorexic, by no means was I starving but sure did look like it. I had that very same Vein on my forehead, when I laughed people said it stuck out as far as my nose.

Da Boxer

Hahaha Yeah, I’m also part of the forehead/vein club. Actually, I have 2, and they form a large ‘V’. Pretty huh.

when I get that low people (particular mom) would often say I looked like I was from Auschwitz.

Again, it was mostly related to the facial area.


Last year when I diet down I was 60pds
overweight. Everybody asked me if I had
cancer or Aids.

Hmm, interesting subject

I have read several times that
a powerful/marked chin is a common sign
of beauty. On both men and women.

Therefore, does anyone have any experience in how low you must go bodyfat-wise before you
see your chin bones?

Muscles look sick when they are very lean. Veins are cool, but muscles look better when they are just a touch smooth. I am proud of my arm veins, but i don’t want head veins.

IMO this is one way to distinguish the “naturally” lean from the ones who have to work hard at it. If one is naturally leaner the face doesn’t get that drawn out appearance as easily when dieting. Someone who naturally carries more bodyfat will find they lose quite a bit from the face as well contributing to this appearance but it works both ways. I’m naturally quite lean but when adding weight darn near start getting a double chin at 9% bf.

I’m not ripped yet but I’m getting there. I do have that drawn out face, which I actually like. SOmeone today asked me why I was starving myslef. So, I said “you mena my 6-7 meals a day isn’t enough?” :D)

I think some people don’t look good when they start dipping below 5%.

During wrestling season and I am down to about 5-6%, my face gets very lean and chisled. I like the look, but family and friends always said I looked sick.

I look like I belong in a hospital under 10% BF. I’m proud to hover around 12%.

i look far better and get a whole lot more ass when my body and face are lean…and arent all models in the low-single digit bf range?

Eeeuuuw when I’m a week out from a contest. I prefer 10%. It’s just that I don’t dig the overly angular look of a very, very lean physique. I like some roundness.

And I’m like Kelly, 'cept it ain’t a double chin, just a puffy face.

Kelly-That’s an excellent point; I can’t believe that I never thought of it!

I’m a former fatty, and people always comment on how much better I look (compared to the last time they saw me) when I’m up around 12-13% (which is rarely).

Now that I’m down in the 7% range, they don’t say all that much-at least not to me. My buddy’s mother asked him if I was “okay” because I had leaned out since January (about 12 lbs. fat lost).

Yea, Eric I never thought of that either. I’m a former fatty too and when I get around 10% my face really starts leaning out and a big vein comes out on the right side of my head. People always tell my mom that I’m too thin. I guess they will never understand.

Actually, I think I look a lot BETTER when I cut down. My cheeks become more defined, but most importantly, my jawline comes back and is well-defined etc. And any woman will tell you a well-defined jawline on a man is hot shit… which is good… I need all the help I can get! :slight_smile: