Triumvirate vs BBB

I begin my 3rd cycle tomorrow. Gains have been solid, weights and reps are increasing, loving this training.

Would my assistance choice (triumvirate) be responsible for these gains so far? Or does assistance choice not really matter?

Im aware of BBB’s hypertrophy focus but which option is better for strength gains primarily? Is BBB going to impair recovery or be more effective?

I’ve been thinking of giving BBB a try, with no other reason than to just change things up. Would this be an ok idea? I dont want to play around with things if its going to counterproductive. I need expert info!

5/3/1 is responsible for That.

Strength and size are not mutually exclusive.

BBS or FSL or whatever. You will not get weaker if you follow the principals.

If making such good progress, why change?

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I run bbb upper body and trium lower. Let me explain the difference I’ve had.

My deadlifts have gone from 5x165 to 10x157.5 in two months.
100% getting much stronger. Same for squat. No size difference. But maybe that’s because I have 30inch thighs and 17inch calf’s already.

My bench / press have gone up I’m sure. But it’s not as much. Doing bbb means i do not rep out so I can’t say.

But I’ve had to throw a shirt and a suit jacket away as my chest/back/shoulders/arms do not fit (funny story about a job interview in there btw).

I hope this helps. Both will do both. But I think it’s a 75/25 split. BBB you get growth / strength. trium strength / size.

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Thats interesting. I have heard Jim say something like “bodybuild the upper, athlete for lower” which I also had in mind.

What do you mean you dont rep out bench/press on BBB? I have been repping out on press/bench on Trumvirate but i want to gauge progress on those by repping out.

There is no repping out on the 5+/3+/1+. You just do your allotted reps and then go to your 5x10.

So whilst I’m confident I’m stronger I can’t gauge it the same way. All I know is the heavier weights feel easier.

oh ok, I understand now. Because of that reason, I like triumvirate, But to each’s own!

Yeah I do like the 5+/3+/1+ They rock. I just need a little size right now. Before getting back to power and strength in March. Don’t be afraid to mix it up though. 3 months of this, 3 months of that. Change it up. Just don’t jump too soon.

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Unless you’re doing the 12 week BBB Challenge -specifically - I believe you’re still encouraged to go for a rep PR on your last set every week. (Unless you’re doing a program that states otherwise)

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Yeah I’m using the bbb 3 month challenge template. So I don’t take it to the max. I’m 99% sure it would rip me in two!