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Triumvirate, Assistance Choices, Garage Gym

So i have a previous post where i had mentioned that i am currently running Texas method. While I have had some success running it, I am ready for a change. My presses are down to singles, and DL down to a top set of 3. On my previous post I had mentioned switching only my presses to BBB. After doing some reading, I feel that changing my entire program over to 531 Triumvirate is something that I think the current state of mind and body are ready for.

I need to figure what assistance exercises would serve best, being i train in my garage. I have access to a barbell, dip stand, and chin up bar. I weigh 220 lbs., and am only able to complete 5-6 clean chins in one set.

40 yo, Male
6 feet, 220 lbs

I will be setting my ORM at the following
B- 250 lbs
OHP- 160 lbs
Squat 405 lbs
DL- 450 lbs

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Good choice. Those are some strong numbers too. You should make a log here to track it.

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I commented on your last post and I think triumvirate is also, a great choice. I don’t have much to comment as I haven’t run it as I’ve found my sweet spot with several sets of fsl.

What I found interesting when I moved from SS/TM was that I could barely do more than 5 reps. I wasn’t used to pushing a 12 Rep max. Sounds silly but I had to get used to it. A Low TM helped once I chucked my ego in the bin. And trying widowmaker sets.

Also, several sets of 3 reps of chins would be how I would move that up. Add a rep to a set each time you do them. Go slow adding volume, watch those elbows.

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Sounds good on the chins! I will give it a go!

Yes, I agree about staying conservative with ORM. Numbers listed above are more like 2 rep max with perfect form. Figured that coupled with the 10 percent off the top, would be a good way to start.

I feel like a nice set of 12 is exactly what I need right now. I love the feeling of nailing a heavy single, but I feel like my body needs some reps. I am moving around like, and feel like a grindy heavy single. Looking forward to getting under the bar and attempting some rep PR’s. Just have to square away my assistance work.

I’m 43 and I feel what you’re saying. I’ve found, for me, that a higher volume of lower intensity works great. The problem is sometimes you need to commit weeks to find it works, or not.

Are you wondering if goblet squats can replace the leg press etc? To make good use of the garage gym?

Yes. I basically just have access to barbell, dip stand, and chin up bar. Im trying to figure some intelligent assistance exercises that mimic what Jim prescribes. Goblet squats sound good. I cant really do front squats, as my wrists are just not able to handle the grip, or lack of grip. Goblet may be the way to go

I’m guessing here, but I’m wondering if a landmine setup would give you the single leg and arm assistance like dumbbell row and bench.

Landmine is on my spring purchase list

If you have a barbell, dip stand and a chinup bar. You have more than enough to make it work! But if I can give you one pointer at this time -> buy a set of bands & a TRX (cheap knockoff)! They won’t break the bank and add a lot of variety. Anyway! For exercise selection as of now;

Push assistance; dips, pushups (all ‘stances’), skull crushers/extensions (laying and overhead), JM lresses. Plate raises. Stuff that may be too heavy but works like a truck for some -> Incline press (if you can), CGBP.

Pull; Chins, inverted rows, pullups, tbar rows, barbell rows, all kinds of curls, shrugs, upright rows, high rows (more of a facepull with a bar).

Single leg/ core; hanging leg raises, situps, (weight or no weight) lunges, step ups (bench), split squats, good mornings, SLDL’S, RDL’S, maybe some nordic curls.

Trx and bands added? Daaamn man;

Pushdowns, facepulls, pullaparts, trx pushups and rows, curls, resistance for leg raises, all sorts of delt raises.

And I’ sure i forgot exercises everywhere as well.

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What’s your thoughts on a cheap set of adjustable Olympic rings instead of a TRX knock off?

That would probably work great as well! I personally have one of the knock off TRX things, so I’m biased.

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Dips, chins, push ups, hanging leg raises. Aim for total rep goals, and do it in as many sets as you need. 25x2 and 2x25 are the same volume. Nerds will write (with their skinny arms) BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME TRAINING EFFECT LOL as they do neither 25x2 nor 2x25 and skip training yet again.