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Triumvirate and Periodization Leg Assistance

Sorry for the noob question but…for Triumvirate and Periodization, leg press and leg curls seem to be favoured for assistance choices in 5/3/1 2nd edition. I don’t have access to either of these equipment.

Would these be good alternatives?

Leg press replacement- more squats ie 5x10 or front squats.
Leg curl replacement- good mornings, rdl or sgdl.

Cheers for the help.

Over 200 views and no one has an answer for such a simple question.

[quote]Camm wrote:
Would these be good alternatives?



Just do BBB. You only really need a barbell, bench and rack

I would do something like the 531 program (PR work), jokers (if needed) and then the volume work. How you get the volume work is up to you. Leg press or squats are fine. What you choose for volume work will limit what you do after - so be smart.

Front Squats and SLDL’s are great! Ask Dan Green what he thinks about front squats

  1. I typically do front squats or walking lunges with some dumbells. Both work the quads and ass while not engaging the hamstrings much, at least for me.

  2. Then I’ll do glute-ham raises. It’s basically like a leg curl with bodyweight. Very tough and effective movement. Just need a pad under your knees and something to hook your feet under.