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Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster

i was wondering if anyone here has one or has taken a ride on one, and if you can tell me how you like or liked it. it seems this fills some of the holes that i have with a harley road king, such as handling, power and braking, while retaining the ability to ride 600+ miles in a day and then do it again the next day.

Never ridden one, but everything I’ve heard and read about the Rocket 3 line is that they are great for drags and straight line riding, but handle just like you’d expect a bike that large to handle. If you’re coming from big Harleys, it will probably be an upgrade in the areas you’re looking to improve on. The large gas tank is always a plus. I hardly see any Triumphs on the road out here, so not a lot of info for you.

If you want a bike set up similarly to a Road King, but with better stock specs/cheaper, you could check out the Yamaha Stratoliner. My old man has one and it rides great with plenty of power stock, even more after he did the Stage 1 upgrades.

  My mate has one, been tuned with alt maping and all the stuff, is a total beast to ride, awesome fun, incredible note to the exhaust!. It is suprising how nimble it is at slow slow speeds, a lot of thought has gone into this designing this motorcycle, i have seen the touring version and u could do some serious miles on that. Overall it is one ball busting bike, a incredible bit of machinery.

This should answer any questions you have about this bike.

On a serious note they’re pretty amazing, I have a VTX 1800 and while I prefer my bike personally that triumph is a spectaclar ride and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one. The biggest reasons I prefer the VTX are that I’ve put a lot of money into making it exactly what I want via accessories and that if something does go wrong on it (it’s a Honda, what can really go wrong?) it’s pretty easy to get fixed on the road as there’s lots of Honda dealers around. If something goes wrong while touring on your Triumph you’re going to have a much harder time. STill gorgeous bike.

hey, thanks all for the responses. it’s kinda what i expected for the most part. i talked to the triumph rep out at sturgis this year and spoke to a couple owners at the triumph display and i’ve read some reviews from motorcycle mags since getting back from sturgis, so everything you guys said seems to be right on par. i just wanted some more info. don’t get me wrong, i love the road king, great ride, but its def lacking on the power, braking and handling.

i’ve been looking at some ducati st3’s/st4’s and just sat on and started a brand new ducati 1100 monster right before leaving for sturgis. but the only problem is most of my riding is 600 or so miles until i get to roads that would be nice for a sport bike. hence why i’m looking at the rocket 3. on the plus side, i think the rocket 3 has enough power i could trailer a sport bike behind it! haha

I a former Duc owner and would caution against them based solely on my experience. But I do like the bikes a lot. 600 miles to sport bike quality roads is super depressing.

Back on topic, I’ve heard a lot of good things about those bikes. Some of my friends ride Triumphs (Speed Trips) and they are fantastic bikes with decent enough build quality. Regarding breaking down, I don’t really worry about that on modern bikes as they are all (cough coughDucati cough) built really well. I’ve taken my bike cross country a couple of times with no issues and I am NOT careful about maint at all.

I would imagine that the touring version might make more sense if you’ve got 600 miles of slab to ride though. I think it packs things like a windshield in there.

Of course we demand pics if you do end up buying it!