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Tristyn Lee 15 Y/O Bodybuilder

I was browsing Instagram and saw this guy who has recently got a bump in followers.

He is only 15 years old and already doing the whole YouTube and Instagram fitness thing. Competed in bodybuilding already. Also looking to go far in soccer I think.

I don’t know his stats but he looks a bit short and probably doesn’t weigh much for how shredded he is.


A skinny lean kid, who cares?


I have Calf envy…


You shittin me?

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Another skinny lean kid? He’s already competed so is pretty srs. For a fifteen year old he aint skinny either.

Who cares? Almost 50,000 followers do and I think if not already in a few years this kid will have some decent influence, for better or worse, on other teens looking to do something similar.

Pretty sure the literature recommends resistance training in adolescents for health but not so sure about getting shredded as fuaaaark.

Hope this kid ends up going to the MLS or some shit not ending up with natty bodybuilder in his bio and selling supps to his legion of followers.

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Moderate level of disturbing. Not as bad as the freaky doll in The 6th Day but worse than the 6th Sense kid.

Would definitely lock the bedroom door if I had to have him stay at my house overnight.

Good luck to him in his chosen passion though.

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All for the youth getting in the gym, wish I started that young. But, being that lean at that age and doing the contest thing, there has to be some negative repercussions to his development as he continues to grow and his hormones change.

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Good on him. He looks awesome. we’re the same age and i have a little more mass (not saying i look better, i just have more mass and hes shredded whereas im alot fluffier) but damn he looks aesthetic asf! A shame im such a fatty otherwise i could do bodybuilding too :wink:



Im going to edit my comment now (still keeping the mass bit, just going to put in that im not saying he looks better so people dont get triggered )

1.Im alot taller and bigger framed , hes really short and small framed. 2. Im not trying to derail any more threads and argue. Was not trying to say i looked better btw. Hes wayyy leaner then me

I know man. Just busting your chops lol


Well arent i gullible lol. Im just not taking any chances though. I could just imagine +100 replies later haha.

Right lol. I’m heading to the gym now. I’ll be back 2 hours and 200 replies from now


Wow, Ive been gone a whole two hours and this thread hasn’t turn nuclear. Color me impressed

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Based on his IG posts, he’s under 5-feet tall and less than 100 pounds. He’s a genetic freak, in the literal sense of the term not the bodybuilding sense.

We’ve seen how this story ends:

Wait, no, sorry. Based on where the kid is now, it could certainly go another route:

I was thinking more along the lines of your generic sponsored, affiliate linked fake natty lel

Will the gains be loyal?

Umm… is the alternative oil?

Jesus, Lee Preist at 14 yo had more muscle than most adults. That really puts this kid in perspective cuz he’s no where NEAR that level. This kids shredded, but Lees got stupid amounts more muscle

Priest, is amazing. Even his posing is amazingly good for such a young age.
Hard to know the truth about Lee, even then his muscles pop, like you get when you take the roids. 14 and on the roids sounds scary. The dude has enormous talent regardless of what he did or didn’t take.