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Trish from the photo page

Apparently Trish reads the Off-Topic Forum as well. She only complemented women other than ~karma~ until we mentioned that she didn’t complement ~karma~. Then, what do you know, she realized she missed ~karma~'s pic. She also didn’t complement any men until this post came up. Trish also didn’t answer any questions until the comment was made in this thread that she doesn’t. She at least heeds our suggestions.

I’m just not too fond of strangers posting their pics. Yeah, it may be nice eye candy, but it really isn’t that informative, and that’s why most of us come here - information. It’s nice to see pictures of those that we have gotten to “know” over some time, and it can be helpful when someone posts pics that are tied in with some suggestion or question, but when someone comes around who seems a little sketchy, it just makes you want to skip over their posts.