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Trisets-What's their Deal Exactly?


I've been doing trisets quite a bit lately,as we're in off season from rugby at the moment and therefore I'm left to my own devices with regard to what type of training I want to do,which is nice for a change.

I like them because they are brutal on my lungs aswell as the muscles being worked,give an insane pump(which is always a nice feeling) and take very little time to do.

But I was wondering what exactly their purpose are?As in,I know they seem to be primarily used for fat loss(correct me if I'm wrong),but my logic with regard to them would have been that putting the muscle under such heavy stress,with such litle rest(I tend to keep rest to a minimum)with relatively high volume can only force the muscle to grow.

So what is their deal exactly?

I'm 5'10,220 pounds with 15% bf.