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Tri's Sore After Chest Workout


Just a quick question. I was wondering if you guys ever experienced this?

Yesterday I did a chest workout and went light on the shoulders. I'm 17, 5"11, 165-170lbs. Today my chest and tri's are sore. My workout looked like this:

Bench Press:
135 x 10
155 x 6
155 x 6
165 x 6
175 x 3

Incline DB Press:
55 x 8 x 3sets

Pec Dec:
3sets x 8-12 reps

Decline: (I dont normally do decline for my chest)
2 x 10

I know my form has gone wrong somewhere. My chest is lacking compared to the rest of my body. My tri's are fairly big in comparison to the rest of my body and i barely work them. Any suggestions on what i can do with my form? I think my biggest problems are on the Bench Press and Incline Bench/DB.

Please dont just say gain more mass then worry about your tris.


my tris are sore after chest day as well.

have you tried doing flat benchpress on the smith machine, where you bring the bar down to your neck?

try that out man.


All those lifts recruit your triceps.


I understand that all of the exercises require for me to use my triceps, but i dont think my triceps should be stimulated that much.


Yes, your triceps SHOULD be stimulated after doing these exercises. You may think of them as "chest" movements, but your triceps do half of the movement.


You pinching your shoulder blades together nice and tight? Try doing more partials when you hit your chest. It's impossible not to involve your tris/shoulders but you can minimize them some. Also set the incline as low as possible. I find I get my chest hit real good this way.

So remember shoulder blades tight chest up, do partials, get that muscle to mind connection going real good.


Another idea: Do bench press, then pec deck, then flyes. You want to keep that heavy compound move in there, but after that, isolate as much as possible. Speaking of which, do you flare your elbows when doing DB presses, or do you try to use the same technique as bench press? To hit the chest more, keep your elbows out wide, and keep the DBs directly over them.


I was completely tricep dominant in all my bench pressing lifts. What I have had to do to focus on the pecs more is widen the grip I use on the bench and all its variations. Plus, like the guy posted before me bring the bar down more towards the top of the pecs. If that doesn't work I dunno what to say. I guess my question is are you bodybuilding or lifting for a sport? If you are lifting to be good at a sport I wouldn't stress it to much just do more flyes if you want to try to bring up the lagging pecs.

PS. Be very fucking careful when lowering the bar to your upper pecs if you don't control it good you can fuck your shoulders up! Safest bet is like the one guy said use the smith machine.


i im going to experiment with the wider grip and use a low incline for when i do incline press.

my bench press numbers havent gone up much either. im working up to a 3-5 rep max now and its helped a bit. any suggestions on weight variations that will help me increase my numbers?


js92 do you lift explosively or slowly? I used to lift slowly and my bench max would barely go up at all. I started to focus on exploding the weight off my chest as soon as it touched me, it helped me a lot. If you are going for strength on bench do like 6x3-4 or something like that and focus on exploding. Set rep scheme like that will get your strength blasting in no time as long as you got good technique.


Widen your Grip on your Bench Press and youll be amazed at how not sore your triceps are compared to your chest


I would like to get size, but my bench number is pretty low so i know i need to get strength first and the size will come.

I try to lift explosively on the way up, after about 3-4 reps i cant get it up very fast.


Hey another tip I got from here on T-Nation. I can't explain it well, and I cant find the article it was in either. When you grab the bar to focus more on pecs imagine trying to make your hands touch while you are benching. I mean keep the wide grip but focus on trying to crush the bar in the middle so your hands touch this helps a lot. Do the opposite if you want to hit tri's more focus on ripping the bar apart as you bench. I think this was from Dave Tate or CT, but I am not sure at all.