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Tri's (Just Wont Get Any Bigger)


about 8 months ago i left for iraq and if and body has been there they know thier’s nothing else to do but work, eat, work out, and sleep. for the first time in my life i started to lift weights. my goal was to get a bigger chest, but in exchange my arms grew a lot more then my chest did. i went from a 15inch arm to a 17-1/2inch arm in those 8 months witch seimed like it was a lot to me.

I have been home now for about 3 months and have continued to work out.
i feel like i have gotten a lot stronger since i have been home and the majority of my other muscle groups have gotten bigger except my arms. i have seen some of the other feeds on this sight and none of them really help me much. i guess my question to you is, are there any so called special exercises for mainly tri’s and even some for bie’s please let my know if you can thing of any that might help it would be apprciated
and sorry for spell

well, have you worked out all of the muscle groups? ive read the body can only handle so much out of proportion growth.

for a grest list of workouts for EVERY muscle–including triceps/biceps–go here:

Someone else will be able to help you more with the growth problem. Good luck.

You’ve got to work your whole body in order to grow. What does your workout look like? What exercises are you doing? Are they compound exercises like Bench press, deadlifts, squats, pullups, rows, DIPS, etc? Seriously, for arms, 2 of the best exercises are dips and pullups. Check out Chad Warterbury’s TBT and all the rest of his articles for that matter. And please post your workout.


Just eat like a horse, and just try new things. Workout 1: pushdown 3x20, Dips3x6 and Skull Crusher 3x10. Workout 2: Decrease the weight and do everything in a tri-set. If you have to, decrease the amount of work for your shoulders and chest, thereby making sure your arms are always fresh to go. ALWAYS GO TO FAILURE! Take a pre-workout stimulant to make sure you are getting the most of your workout. Do something similiar for biceps. Switch your routine around, try 3x3-5 for a couple weeks and see what happens. Your body does get acclimated and if your arms have that tendancy its important to switch your routine around. Try taking Alpha Male and Methoxy-7. I’ve just tried the Methoxy-7 and i love it. Good Luck and be creative!

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Same as professor X Why??

try some floor presses, board presses, dead lifts, chest supported rows, pull downs. throw these in once inawhile instead of isolation movements.

A 17.5 inch arm that is fairly lean is nothing to scoff at, so don’t expect 20inch arms within the next 8 months. Growth often comes in spurts, but overall good advice given, except for going to failure all the time, as it would totally depend on other factors in your training. If you’re going to push something of that magnitude into your training, something has to be pulled. I have been on a program for the last 6 months in which I was going to failure on every exercise, but my volume was extremely low, and frequency fairly high.

Great article by Poliquin here:


There are many others if you do a T-Nation search. I find Poliquin has great advice on breaking plateaus so I would try some of his recommendations first.

At 17 1/2" you most likely need advanced training techniques to stimulate good progress so be prepared to have trouble washing your hair after workouts. I actually like that feeling but, like alot of other T-Nationers, I’m a little bit crazy.

thank you all for your input i will put it tawords my work out plan. current workout is as fallowed

day1 chest 4-5 exercises 3x8-10 or a piramid and finish with a burn out 70% of the time.

day2 arms 3-4 exercises 4x8-10

day3 shoulders (same as chest)

day4 back 4-5 exercises 3x8-10

day5 legs 3-4 exercises 3x10

abs every other day weighted or medical ball

run every other day 2-3 miles

here is a pic of me while i was in iraq left in Nov 04 weighing 265 got home July 05 weighing 215
(i eat everything i could and just couldn’t keep the weight on)

[quote]10count wrote:
here is a pic of me while i was in iraq left in Nov 04 weighing 265 got home July 05 weighing 215
(i eat everything i could and just couldn’t keep the weight on)


You lost 50lbs and gained 2" on your arms in 8 months?


I’ve worked out hard on and off for years and as a formerly skinny thin boned guy I can claim great successes bulking up all over my body except my arms/tri-s :frowning: Currently I’m attacking this problem with a vengeance but your 17 and half size arms exploding in such a short time is nothing to take lightly-since I’m sure that progress normally takes a bit longer

This thread is good timing for me and I’m especially going to follow what input comes along along with provided links. Can you mention what your personal arm workouts were for such a phenomenol eruption of upper arm mass. ps, I eat very well as I said, and do bulk up easily in all other body areas that I work out on.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
You lost 50lbs and gained 2" on your arms in 8 months?[/quote]

dude,they FEED them GOOD in the military,dont you watch teh specials on food network?


yes they do and its free all you can eat any day every day

lucky bastard,i have a free for all with toddlers at Ryans Buffet over the last piece of steak

You people dont go to failure every set? Why not?

[quote]jdrannin1 wrote:
You people dont go to failure every set? Why not?[/quote]

One reason is the issue of safety. Your muscles aren’t warmed up on your first set, or possibly even your second in a training session. If I am training chest, my first two sets are pyramids as far as the weight used, and my goal is to prepare the muscle for the increased weight I will soon be using, as well as instigate deeper muscle fibers to trigger over the course of a workout. Obviously, a beginner who really isn’t going that heavy in the first place will find this as less of an issue than someone who plans on ending their last set with over 400lbs.

After those initial sets, I still only train “close to failure”, which means I end the set when I feel I only have enough strength to rerack or lower the weight under control. Without a spotter, it would be unwise for someone to get under over 400lbs on any exercise and train until absolute muscle failure unless they were in a power rack.

What all of this means is, if I train my chest and use three different exercises, I am still avoiding hitting near failure on the first set of any of those. This is because of the weight I use and the fact that muscle tears or joint injury are often the result of not preparing a muscle group for a movement with a slightly lighter weight before hitting the absolute heaviest weight you can move until muscle failure.

“Training to failure is training to fail.”

–Fred “Dr. Squat” Hatfield

Dan “QED” McVicker