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Triptorelin Reconstitution

Hello does anyone know the correct way to reconstitute 100 mcg’s of Triptorelan for use in a lab rat? To be clear I’m not looking for, it doesn’t matter because you’re shooting the whole dose. I know that. I simply don’t want to guess and/or use any more sterile water than is necessary. The closest instruction document I’ve found is the Trelstar (Brand name) patient insert which indicates to use 2ml of sterile water intramuscularly but they’re using a significantly larger dose due to it being used for another application. Since many 30 gauge needles have a 1 cc/ml capacity would that be appropriate to reconstitute the 100 mcg or would you need even less? Maybe .5 cc/ml? Also I’m assuming since Triptorelan is water soluble the same volume, e.g. 1 cc/ml used to reconstitute would be the same volume (now containing Triptorelan) drawn out of the Triptorelan vial.

Some peptides will not stay in solution with BA water and need sterile water is been stored. But stored peptides without BA water can be ‘infected’., so should be used a lot faster than peptides in BA water.

Volume of water does not matter. If using all at once, type of water does not matter as shelf life after mixing is not an issue. Use whatever is a comfortable dose. Note that smaller amounts of water will leave more peptides in the vial.

Initially it appeared as though Triporelan was some kind of treatment shrouded in mysticism but the treatment is published in a paper of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists outlining Guidelines for treatment of Hypogonadism, .a.k.a. Low Testosterone in adult male patients 2002. More specifically hypogonadic hypogonadism meaning possible suppression of the HP axis. (Post Cycle Therapy?) They also go on to specify one time dosage not to exceed 100 mcg.

I think where confusion exists regarding this treatment is that folks didn’t understand the drug has many applications, one being prostate cancer where large and repeated doses are given far beyond the dose range used for low testosterone treatment. The insert for Trelstar (Pfizers brand name for Tripotorelan) is marketed specifically for treating prostate cancer but even in Trelstars product insert they say once the product is stopped testosterone production should resume.

Trelstar indicates sterile water to be used, presumably because the whole dose is being administered, so bacteriostatic water is a not a variable.

Don’t know if this is correct protocol or not but the same size, 30 gauge 1/2" (but different syringe), was used to draw water and shoot. Drawing water worked fine. Didn’t know exact water amount to draw but knew was somewhere between .25 ml and 1 ml so started with .25 ml but didn’t seem enough to reconstitute so added another .25 ml which seemed fine. Wouldn’t use more as it seems unnecessary. Had slight difficulty drawing reconstituted Triptorelin (100 mcg) but I think the syringe tip was above the water line so drew the syringe back slightly and was able to draw almost all reconstituted Triporelin. Injection was standard upper right thigh quadrant. No blood aspiration, pain, or bleeding.

Bottom line is Triptorelan increases testosterone temporarily but then wears off. I completed two trials 4 months apart with the same results. I wouldn’t bother using it again. Good for checking the integrity of testicles but otherwise a waste of time.