I want to run a small peak before mandatory time off through Christmas. I want to do a triple week, double week, single week, then a true max week.

All I have for maxes are numbers from roughly 7 or 8 months ago, which, I would presume have gone up a bit.

Would a percentage based off my previous maxes be ideal, or maybe an RPE type scheme be better?

What you’re missing out is a period where you recover and then display your adaptation.

Try a week with singles at 90 per cent of your old max. Then a week with singles five pounds over your old max. Then a week of singles at 90 per cent of that second week. Then rest for a week, and work up to around five per cent more than in week two.

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Okay, that might work. This is super impromptu, and I just kind of decided overnight that I want to see what I’ve gained. So I’m just trying to find out how to get the most bang for my buck with very little preparation. I’d like to go into the new year with a very good understanding of where I am. (And I’d like to see if I’ve been spinning my wheels or making appreciable progress the last several months)

That’s fine. The key with peaking is to overreach and then recover. Without either part you don’t really get any useful information

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Wait, so your not maxing out every day?

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It’s a modern miracle I know.

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Ok just making sure I wasn’t screwing up. I’d test my max too, but working in the 6rm range, tells me and my hip that I’m too messed up to worry about how truly “strong” I am. The answer is, not as strong as I once was… there’s a song lyric there lol