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Triple Total Training Results

I’d like to see peoples results with Chad Waterbury’s Triple Total Training before i commit to it, im looking for something that will give me good size and some strength along the way. Ive been working out for about a year now so im not looking for anything to start off on, or if you think i should try another workout just slap it down, thanks for everyones input…

I just finished it; it was my first workout program after a six week hiatus. My strength definately improved, especially my core strength. Hope that helps.

Any CW routine will work–if–

you do the program as described and eat and recover as described.

There are some conditions that need to be in order certainly. I don’t know what type of effort you’ve put into that year. I don’t know if your nutrition is in order.

If you put in the effort and do the research, you will reap the benefits

Thanks for the help, im gonna do the TTT, i know a year isnt much at all, but as soon as i get my scanner working and my pictures back ill post them on here, i went from a chubby kid to a tone kid, i say tone because im proboly not as built as most of the people here or as they say, im not gonna waste anyone ones time talking about my gains and blah blah, ill just wait until i can post my pictures and everything.

Here is a post I wrote in another thread to CW himself:

Just wanted to let you know how your TTT worked for me:

Front squat went up 25 lbs
decline bench up 15
weighted chins up 7.5
standing calf up 35

Basically all of my lifts increased. Thanks for a great program. Started WM today, brutal. I guarentee i am sore as hell tomorrow