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Triple Strip Sets

What does that mean?


3 sets of triple strip sets for calf raises (5,5,5)


It means to use a weight as heavy as you can for 5 reps. The 6th rep should be impossible, or nearly so. Immediately drop the weight a little (if using a machine, just move the pin quickly to the next lightest weight in the stack) and pound out 5 more. Again, you should be exhausting the muscle. Drop the weight a little more and do the next 5 reps.

The goal is to do multiple reps as heavy as possible; because the heaviest weight you can start with will quickly exhaust the muscle, you keep dropping the weight in order to continue. It’s considered one set, so don’t pause between each group of 5 reps any longer than it takes to change the weight. The ideal situation is to have a partner change the weight for you, either moving the pin in the stack or stripping off plates.

Should this type of thing be only used occasionally?

Thanks TShaw.

YES! only use strip sets occasionally. They are very taxing to the nervous system as well as the muscles. If used too often you will quickly overtrain.

If doing TBT (whole body training), I’d pick two of your movements each workout to use strip sets with. Each workout change the two muscle groups you use strip sets with. This way you’ll cycle through your body parts each week–each muscle group will be trained ONCE/week with strip sets. Even with this conservative cycle, I’d not use strip sets for more than a couple of weeks at a time; then you’ll need several weeks off from strip sets.

Hope that helps,