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triple strip sets

I just wondering what “triple strip sets” are

I KNOW I’ve answered this one before- not too long ago. Okay, strip sets, when you perform , let’s say, dumbbell curls with 45lbs, do as many as you can with proper form, then you would set those down, pick up, maybe 35 or 37.5 lbs and again do as many as you can. You do this three times - triple strip sets.

This was covered a few days ago, but I’ll help you out anyway. Assuming a triple strip set of 5,5,5, pick a weight that will only allow you to perform five reps (no more, no less). When you fail, without resting, drop the weight by 10-15% (to a point that will only allow you to get five more) and crank out five more. Then, drop it another 10-15% and do five more. Basically, this is superior to doing fifteen straight sets because you hit failure three times, and stimulate all of the different muscle fiber types in reaching complete overall failure.