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Triple Strength 4-AD-EC


I was lucky enough to get some of this when they sold it before the ban.

I was wondering if anyone else who had taken it could give me some info on how they did with it?

I started taking it this week and am 6 days in now. I really can't tell a difference in the weight room. I figured it might take a couple days to get the levels of it up, but I was thinking I would be a little more "unstoppable" in the weight room.

I was planning on taking the full bottle (3wks) and then trying some of the new TRIBEX gold for about a month.

I'm just wondering is this stuff supposed to take a week to kick in? I guess I will wait and see but it is just a little frustrating. The only thing I can tell is it seems I have more of an appetite, and I've been doing some good programming at work lately, but nothing out of the ordinary in the weight room.


didnt use that version but yes the regular version and for me the increased recovery and general UP feeling was instant. you wont SEE the results for a few week not cause nothing is happening but because daily changes are small. A few weeks of those small changes add up.

whats your training, diet etc like. It is a great sup but wont beat a poor plan.


I on day 6 of 4-AD-EC right now. I'm using the big-ass bottle which has 10 full weeks worth in it. I don't remember a "triple strength" version.

Anyways, my appetite is horrendious right now and I'm getting big pimples on places I don't normally get them. Plus sex drive is ravenous! I've used it in the past and never noticed exceptional strength gains, just positive body comp changes.

Have fun.


Link to the triple strength 4-AD-EC sale/article:


Well, even if my training was "poor" as you put it, I should still have that UP feeling even if I wasn't doing things right in the weight room.


morning - protein shake with scoop of natty pb, couple pretzel rods maybe
mid-morn - apple(or some fruit cup) and half protein bar usually
lunch - protein source (beef, chicken, etc) and fruit/vegetable
(strawberries, pineapple, carrots)
mid-afternoon - half protein bar
(training - scoop of Surge/creatine/(Power Drive on ME days))
supper/bed - midnight snack (per precision nutrition), sometimes I
will have another meal, sometimes just this.

This is my "work-week" meal schedule 95% of the time. Weekends usually
a little more haphazard. But I always try for a protein and
fruit/vegetable meal a couple times along with some other "snacks".

Training-wise (before starting 4ad ec)

On a westside inspired template that I made up. 3 days a week.

ME Bench Day
ME Dead Day
DE Bench/Dead Day

I pick a ME exercise, an assistance exercise, an 'even-out' exercise
(rotater cuff/pulling mostly), an ab exercise, and a form of cardio.
The DE day is the same except I do DE bench and dead, then pick the
other stuff.

Right now I am on a total body one I made, essentially doing dead-squat-bench a few times a week, varying the intensity/volume each day.

After thinking some more about it, I think I might be in an overtrained state and that is why it isn't working as well. The max attempts from the westside influenced one probably dragged me down some, and didn't have a rest week before I started this new one.

I also maxed out on monday (first day on 4-AD-EC) so I could use that for the different percentages for this new workout. I usually hit over 400 for dead, but this time I ended up struggling getting up 385. (another piece where I think I am overtrained, with 'fatigue masking fitness')

The week was:

W-60%(was planning on 80, but didnt feel up to it)

Note this was this last week's workouts, co-inciding with my first week on the 4-AD-EC. I think I might just be dragged down so it's trying to bring me back from that...I will see how this next week goes. Unless you have some tips, but I think I generally have decent plans of actions (despite this, which seems I overtrained myself and want the 4 ad ec to bring me back while still training hard. :slightly_smiling:


I have the regular too. The triple was on sale for like 10 seconds before it sold out...I was so pissed.

How many per day of the regular are you using? I haven't used any roids or PH's in a while. I actually loved Androsol (which I still have quite a bit of!!!!) And I only tried the orals from the huge bottle once and didn't like it as much as the Androsol. Maybe I dosed too low.


I just take the prescribed 6 caps in the morning, every morning.