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Triple Shot of Winstrol

Is the first shot of Winstrol at 150 mgs used only on the 2/4 scheme to get serum levels up or can it be used in 6 and 8 week cycles? Also I have read about individuals gaining a good deal of lean muscle through Oral Winstrol but havent read that much about gains through injectable winstrol. Can anyone share their gains using only injectable or oral Winstrol? What have the experts seen in terms of gains in their subjects? thank you–any response will be grealty appreciated.

Yes, on any type of cycle, it’s best to use a loading dose
on the first day to make up for the fact that there is
no accumulated drug in the body, as there will be later in
most of the cycle.

Gains from injectable are as good or better, IMO, with
injectables. But orals work really well and the comparison
cannot really be made with certainty – let’s just say
both routes work well (if the oral route is divided dose.)

Deeznuts, I was wondering the same thing–I know Winstrol injectables was used as a cutting drug by many but can it produce solid muscle gains? Can anyone help?

Winstrol ROCKS!!! Oral or injectable. If you use nothing
else but Winstrol at 100mg per day injected, I assure
you that you will get HUGE very quickly. I am not sure
I would stay on that dose for a long time (no more than
4-6 weeks) because I am sure you will see elevated liver
transaminases from it. As a rough rule, for every 50mg
of Winny you inject, you’d need to take 100mg orally
(first pass liver metabolism issue).

Most folks use 50mg of injectable Winny every other day
with something else.

Deca at 400mg per week with Winny as above for 10 weeks
is a HUGELY popular cycle that has minimal physical
side effects other than some mood swings.


Brock or Bill, good gains can be made on 50 mgs of orals per day for 6 weeks, correct? I was planning on doing that cycle and i figured I can get a good 15 pounds if my training and nutrition are on–and believe me they will be–Im only 22 and dont want to use any test so I figured the oral winny would be perfect. I am 205 at 5’9" and been training for about 4 years so I think 15 pounds in a reasonable range–What do you guys think?

I’d like to add to Brock’s statement, everyone I’ve advised
who has done a Winstrol/Primo stack has been tremendously pleased with it… excellent results yet mild, not needing
any other drugs (e.g. antiestrogens or finasteride) to
counteract side effects. So far as I know the Deca/Winstrol
stack became really popular after I advocated it heavily
on the grounds of synergy between the two (Deca is Class
I while Winstrol is Class II) and because Winstrol, being
antiprogestegenic, helps counteract Deca’s side effects
in that regard. This is a more economical stack than
Primo/Winstrol and is equally effective (moreso if Primo
use is not at least say 50% more milligrams than the
Deca and preferably twice as much.) Actually, easier on
the hair, too, though no high dose androgen stack is
truly mild in that regard including this one. You do
have the potential of gyno but it is low. You don’t have
that potential with the Winstrol/Primo stack.