Triple Progression Method

forwarded the article to someone to read for us to discuss. We bounce ideas off each other all the time.
He brought something up which I thought was interesting. Not enough that I would try it but interesting.
using the 10, 8, 6 rep scheme…
His idea was to move up the ladder in reps, instead of down once progression is stalled for 3 consecutive workouts.
Pick a weight, set of 6. challenging 6 reps with a good solid 1 rep in the tank though. No more than that. Sets on a timer. Let’s say 4 minutes.
first set 6, at the 4-minute mark set of 6, 8-minute mark another set, 12-minute mark last set. Should you be able to complete all 4 sets of 6, on the next training day attempt another rep, but no more than 8. Same progression. Attempt to get to 4 sets of 8. once successful, slide up to 10 reps. Once the 4 sets of 10 are accomplished, at the next training day cut the time down by 15 seconds. once 4 sets of 10 are accomplished starting each set at 3:45, knock it down one last time to 3:30. Once 4-sets of 10 are acheived, add weight and start over.
Seems overly complicated. I do like the idea of manipulating time as another progression.
What do you think?