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Triple Progression Method Once Progress Stalls

This might be a dumb question but its a genuine one and any help would be appreciated?

With the Triple Progression Method once you fail to progress on a lift for 3 straight weeks, Coach CT says that is when you move down into a lower rep range. Does that mean moving just that 1 lift to a lower rep range, All TPM lifts for that day to a lower rep range or the lifts on all days to a lower rep range?

To give an example, let’s say I can’t add a rep on my Push Press for 3 consecutive workouts in the 6-8 rep range. Do I:

A) Change only my Push Press rep range to 4-6 reps?

B) Change my Push Press and its Assistance exercise to 4-6 reps?

C) Change all TPM lifts on not only my Push Press day but my, Hinge, Squat and Horizontal press days too?


Only change range for the stalled lift. If the assistance work (the one on which you are using TPM) is still progressing, you do not adjust the rep range.