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Triple Jerk Comp


All the posts about Squat Jerk has given me an idea...welcome to the Triple Jerk Comp

Usual rules for a comp

Put up a

Clean and Squat Jerk
Clean and Power Jerk
Clean and Split Jerk

The lifts have to be from the same session.

Post your bw and we will put lifters in to the usual weight classes.

Have as many attempts as you want but it'll wear you out for the other lifts.

Your biggest lift in each style is added. Now you have your Triple Jerk total :slight_smile:

So who wants to start? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have back to back competitions over the next 2 weeks so thats not going to help put a total in...the 2nd competition is less serious so I may f0ck around that week :smiley:



haahaha awesome. I'll do this next time I go to lift. Since I've been sick I won't be able to do any real training the first day anyway so i might as well mess around. As for doing this in an actual comp, I don't think I get a chance for that till january :frowning:


I would but I don't know how to do the jerk... HAHAHAHA


January next year?!

I'll do it 28th March as my comp is on the 26th. I'll probably aim for on my first attempt...the squat jerk is going to be a mofo...



next comp is in september which i hope ill qualify for nationals which are in november, next qualifiers will be in jan.

There used to be a comp during the spring but with the economy going shit and the lifters being WAY less(like 1/5th of what it used to be) they decided not to do it anymore i think. There might be one in june but i'm not sure


whats 100/125/138?
what you are aiming for on all 3? or your current numbers on all 3?
because i was sure that your max clean and jerk is 150kg?


What's the rule for the squat jerk, you have be below parallel? Otherwise I think my squat and power jerks are going to look the same...

below parallel squat jerk with my flexibility I think my numbers will be about 40/110/125


Funny, I actually did this on Wednesday, kind of. I wanted to try a squat jerk, and I accidentally push jerked, then I split jerked.

Not a great day, but

80 squat
100 push
115 split



Squat jerk looks incredibly difficult. I'm not sure I could do it yet.

Please post videos if you do it!

I was looking for the video of Kendrick Farris at this years Arnold but I can't find anything.


This? http://www.youtube.com/user/BROZKNOWS#p/u/3/mmMt74j_nbc


If this thread's still alive in June I might give this a whirl just for kicks (if it's not I'll likely forget haha). As it is, got western canadians coming up and nationals in may . . . probably gonna focus on what I'm good at (the split jerk) til at least then.


yes that's the one!

The embedded video wasn't showing up with that link:


The Squat jerk has to at least be legit one
-has to go to at least parallel
-can't be a ridiculously slow PJ ridden down in to an OHS

Squat Jerk/ Power Jerk/ Split Jerk

100/125/138 are my goals, f0ck knows if I'll get anywhere near the 100 for the squat jerk but I'd like to think so? If I can't I can't and get what I can grab.

Maybe 140 C&J? Should be doable but after the other attempts it'll probably be less as I'll be more smashed up.

My best C&J is 147. I've Cleaned 150 9x, 151 2x in comps and 155 in training.