Triphospate Creatine

hey sorry if this has been posted, but i couldnt find anything on it so im gonna go ahead and ask. i bought some evolve triphosphate creatine the other day, and it was explained to me that its much more effective than monohydrate, which i had been taking before. but i notice that even with this tri, alot of it still sits at the bottom… does that mean anything? is this kind any better? has anyone tried this kind yet?

sj, it appears as though you’ve been taken in by marketing (which we all have been at one point or another).

I’m amazed that they’d market this stuff, because even the supposed “wonder creatine” products dissolve better in water -but your product appears to dissolve worse.

Your product may still have the effect of creatine, but from what I remember the phosphates don’t last too long (I can’t imagine how stable this would be energetically speaking).

I cover some of this in the Creatine article due out any day now.