Trip to the Chinese Pharmacy

I’m not a usual poster but I have to share this.

I went to the local Chinese Pharmacy (not TCM doctor, but a real and modern pharmacy) here in China and I found some interesting stuff (maybe some of you have seen this b4, but it was intersting) so I thought I’d share a few of the things that stuck out:

-007 brand Condoms: (complete with a “home Alone” kid lookalike reject on the box).

-12-snake Snake Oil: (apparently to help the libido…supposedly from Africa)

-Extract of Kangaroo: (supposedly from Australia)…I have NO idea about this…ANY idea about this, anyone???

-Too many sex-enhancement drugs.

-Penis enlargement drugs
-Breast enlargement drugs

all of this stuff is OTC, btw.

Maybe I’ve been gone from the 'States too long, but some of this stuff made me crack up in the pharmacy. (Much to the enjoyment of the 10 or so female assistants that congregated around me as I perused). =D