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Trip to Poland Planned, Questions


I may be clutching at straws, but I assume that some polish people may frequent this website due to the strength/powerlifting content.

I have just booked a week in Gdansk to incorporate the open'er festival.

I have a few questions.

What is the general price for food/drink like in restaurants and super markets?

What is the general price of powerlifting/olmpic lifting equipment like compared to britain? - I would like some olympic shoes and if it is cheaper in Poland i am happy to wait till i get there. And if it proves worth it i may buy a squat/deadlift suit...

Any other tips, things to see etc would be most welcome.



Never been there, but there's a thriving Polish community where I live. My wife and son do some part time work for a Polish family, and we've been introduced to some Polish customs.

Learn to say, and when to say "Nostrovia!", and apply it often.
According to these people, that'll get you a long way.


Can't say about the gear but I would assume it would be the same price if not more expensive because it is specialist stuff. Food and drink is cheap and delicious, don't be afraid to try the local food (you'll have no choice anyway!). Last time I was there was 2004 and a pint of beer (which do not go below 5.4% alcohol) was 60p don't know what this translates to in dollars, probably 1. Gdansk is beautiful.



Learn to say, and when to say "Nostrovia!", and apply it often.
According to these people, that'll get you a long way.

its na zdrowie, it means cheers/for health, it is used a lot.


thanks for the replys guys.

Im coming from Scotland. I have looked about a few forums/websites and it looks like a pint of beer is somewhere around 6 PZL which is about £1.20. Cant go wrong with that.

Ive had a look on some polish websites that offer tian squat suits. Saw a Titan Centurion Squat Suit NXG Super Plus for 320 PZL which is about £60, it costs about £130 over here. Obviously as i cant speak polish this may have been for a 2nd hand one or something.

I was hopeing that since weightlifting and powerlifting seem to be a "bigger" thing (forgive the pun) in poland than over here then they may have some local companies with cheap stuff?

Im after a pair of olympic shoes for definate and whatever else catchs my eye.





Polish girls are the hottest in the world. There. That's all I have to offer.


you need one of these.


Hoping its true about the polish women. :smiley:

its all booked and its happening. going to try to pick up some gear out there. :smiley:



If you find a nice country Polish girl, she'll cook and clean for you like you wouldn't believe. They are really good housewives, if that's what you're looking for. And plenty hot too.

True story.

I'm Polish too, but ask any guy from there.


Well, there are Polish people indeed on this forum and I'm one of them (even though I live in France) :slight_smile:

To answer your question, food and drinks are very cheap in Poland. You will pay less than 10 euros for a very decent restaurant, for 10/15 euros you get a great meal in a good restaurant. If you go for cheaper stuff, such as sandwiches or a "Bar Mleczny" (those are cheap restaurants, communist style, that serve GREAT traditional Polish food, there's one in the old city in Gdansk), you will pay around 4/5 euros and get a lot of food. Polish beers (Zywiec, Okocim, Lech...) are extremely cheap, less than 2 euros in general in a pub.

Regarding powerlifting gear, I have no idea. But in general prices are lower in Poland than in Western Europe, so there's a good chance you find some interesting deals. There's also a very good supplements brand, Olimp. Their BCAA Mega Caps are top-notch for instance.

Don't stay the whole week in Gdansk, it's a great city but 3 days are more than enough. Go also to Sopot, Malbork (awesome castle), Gdynia, which are just a few miles away, you can even go see the lakes in Mazury (about 50 miles south).

Hope this helps dude !


Mazury are definitely worth the trip if you have time.


My knowledge is a little dated, went there in August 2005, but:

Poland is awesome. Another American buddy of mine and I went to stay with a Polish friend of ours in Poznan and travel around for two weeks.

Everything was very cheap, although who knows how much that has changed post-financial crash. The zloty was five to the pound (I was living in England then), so drinks at nice places were like a pound apiece.

People are pretty friendly, girls are hot, and nearly all thin. However, few of them speak English (...or at least they were telling us that). Say "dobra dubcha", they love that. Oh, and they wear wedding rings on the right hand. Learned that the hard way.

Bars and clubs are open very late, unlike the UK.

Food is good and cheap, they eat a lot of pig. There's a great sheep's cheese they have down south in Krakow, they serve it cooked with some kind of cranberry topping, awesome.

You can get Zywiec in a lot of bars in the UK now, but it's much stronger, and tastes better, in Poland.

If you can, travel. We didn't go to Gdansk, heard it's kind of industrial and not that great. But Poznan is really nice, lot of fun bars, good sized place. Krakow is even better, it's a long drive (from Gdansk maybe 12+ hours I'm guessing), but worth it.

If you're in Gdansk, drive a couple hours (east I think) to this little seaside resort town called Mielno. We had an awesome time there. Didn't spend much time in the Baltic, it was freezing, but tons of cheap bars, Poles go there to vacation, great time. Like a Polish Mexico, and I mean that in a good way.

I got a week's worth of workouts in, gyms aren't great, but you can find them. The one in Mielno was cool, one room hole in the wall place with weights and nothing else. I like those.


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