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Trip to Nogales!

I am planning on making a run for the border over Labor Day weekend and was wondering what Pharmicia’s are the best to visit? Also is D-Bol still available in tablet form there or do I need to substitute it for Reforvit-B? What does real D-bol look like? Lastly if anyone has been to Nogales lately, what are the going prices for Sustanon 250, Deca, HCG, Chlomid and D-bol? Any info is appreciated!

Reffi-B is cheap. go to a veterinary supply pharmacy. Look for Reffies’ w/ raise lettering on metal that holds the rubber top on. If no lettering then it is likely fake. Don’t buy any D-bol tabs or Anadrol tabs, they are fake. 250 are around 10-14.00 depending on how commercialized the area is. Deca is 28.00 for 2 50mg preloads. Too expensive. Clomid is fairly cheap, around 10-12.00 for 30 tabs. A good buy is the deca made by Denkel from Australia. 200mg cc 10 cc bottles. Another great veterinary product. Look for a hologram on the box. if none on it then it is fake. I don’t know the price but it is supposed to be fairly cheap.

Sust. 250 preloads in Nogales are around 8-10 dollars. You don’t have to look far, as there are cheap pharmacies everywhere along the border. Once you cross the border, if you look big, there will be several people wanting your business right away. Steer clear of these guys, and just go to the pharmacies and ask. It’s really pretty simple.

Jim, would the same go for the farmacias in Tijuana? Would I have to have a script for them or could I just go in and ask the pharmacist?

Yes, redijects are about 8-10 dollars in TJ. No you don’t need a scrip but some places will hassle you if you don’t have one. Just go to a place that doesn’t care.

I’m not quite sure if you need a perscription in Tijuana (sp) but I doubt it. I thought it would be somewhat difficult getting stuff in Mexico, but it’s easy. Just shop around a bit for the best prices and you should be happy.

The best place to go is Paramcia del norte it is a pink building at the hospital on calle obregone. please excuse the spelling. sus 250 used to be $7.00 for 250 but the price went up to right around $14.00 for 250. i go once a week.