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Trip to New York!


I am planning on going to New York sometime (maybe this November) for a couple of weeks. I'll probably be staying at a backpackers or a cheap hotel. Just wanted to know if you guys could give me any advice on things to do or see while I'm there? Or good places / areas to stay in (considering I'm on a budget)?

I always wanted to see an NFL game, other than that it's pretty much up in the air! I've read it is freezing cold there in winter and hot in summer, so is this a good time to be going? For your info I'm 23.

I'm not expecting you guys to do research for me, just that locals are always going to know the best places to go/stay etc. I've read some stuff from lonely planet and will look into it further with a travel agent.



gimme a budget to work with and i can help lol


After the flight, strictly for accommodation and spending money, around $2,000 US, maybe up to an absolute max of $2,500. But closer to $2,000 US, I don't know what that could get me, if I stay in a backpackers or something I think I would have money to spend. So that works out to about $140-$180 US a day. It's not set in stone, and things usually turn out to be more expensive when travelling as you don't take some things into account.


Well if you want to go to a NY Giants or Jets game you'll probably have to buy a ticket fairly soon. Don't expect to pay less than $100 for a Giants game or less than $75 for a Jets game. As far as the weather goes. November usually isn't too bad. It will probably be around 40 degrees F. If you do go to a football game make it your business to get there about 2 hours (or more) before the game starts and tailgate in the parking lot. I don't know how easy it will be for a tourist but even if you just bring some beer for yourself and just hang out it'll be worth it.

Staying in Manhattan will be much more expensive than staying in the other boroughs but you will be closer to most of the more popular things to see. The subway can take you anywhere in the entire city though (except Staten Island; not that you'd want to go there anyway) so where you stay may not be that important.

Food in Manhattan is much more expensive than everywhere else. Depending on which neighborhood you are in or how close to Times Square you are expect to about $1 more for fast food burgers and around $10, compared to around $7-8 in Brooklyn, for low end chain resturant (Applebees, Friday's) burgers.


Thanks for the reply. I'll get a ticket in advance to the NFL then. Anything else on the must do list in NY? Could check out the Sopranos tour over in New Jersey. I would've liked to have gone to see Conan Obrien but now he's a celeb in LA!



Keep in mind that our Thanksgiving holiday is in late November (the 26th to be exact), and there are several events that take place in New York. This will make the city even more crowded and expensive than usual.


What are your interests? Knowing this will also help a lot in determining what you want to do.



been to NY a few times. It's a huge city with TONS and TONS of awesome stuff. My favorite thing is to just start walking. When you get hungry find a place and go in and eat. If you can walk a block and not find something cool to do/look at/eat you're not doing it right.

High points:
* china town - stick to some of the back alley's, really cool stuff is not out in front.
* little italy - food, AMAZING food. the more back alley it looks the better.
* Statue of liberty - Takes the better part of a day just to get to the island and it's depressing as shit but worth a view
* wall street - It's just cool.
* anywhere in lower mhn.


You can skip the Soprano's tour unless your really a diehard fan, Ain't shit to do in Jersey. Get your football tix now as stated above. Do the upperdeck bus tour its really touristy but hey your a tourist. Try and visit all the boroughs, The Bronx: Yankee Stadium, The Bronx Zoo. Queens: Citifield. Brooklyn: Brooklyn Museum, Williamsberg, Brooklyn Bridge. Manhattan: Too much to count.

Your 23 so you should hit up some clubs, your accent should work in your favor to getting you some New York trim. Unless your in a very touristy area keep your belongings in site ESPECIALLY while on the subway. Also get ready for the speed NY and New Yorkers move very, very fast. That phrase "In a NY minute" holds alot of truth. If you do it right you will have the time of your life.


and if you go in November there will probably be ice skating open


don't know if your into basketball but you could see the Knicks play, even if it is just to go to Madison Square Garden... probably easier to see than a football game because they play all week and are more likely to be home.


I've been to New York a few time for short visits, so I'm no expert. But if it was me I would try to go when it's warmer. New York in November will be freezing cold. When the weather is nice so many people are outside. You can have such a great time just walking around doing nothing; taking in the energy of the city.


I went to NYC three weeks ago and had a great time. The places I went to go visit where:

-Central Park, great place to exercise, have lunch, or just hang out
-Empire State Building, they charge $20 to get a top view of the city
-Times Square, see all the people walking around
-St. Patrick's cathedral
-World Trade Center Memorial
-Statue of Liberty, they charge $20 for a ferry ride and get a view from on top of the statue
-Yankee Stadium in the Bronx
-Went to go see a play on Broadway
-China town
-Museum of Natural History, where they filmed A Night at the Museum. If you go, the "suggested price" to get in is about $15. But you can pay just $1 to get in since it's by donations.

The upperdeck bus charge $44 dollars for two hours. The subway pass will probably cost you about $90 for a month with unlimited use. We also found a taxi service called La Mexicana which charge a flat rate and cheaper than a regular taxi cab. And it is true NY people move very fast, try and not to get in their way.


Check out this thread. A lot of people made some great suggestions:


You should also look into renting a room from someone's apartment. It's been in the news lately that due to economic difficulties people in the city are renting out their coaches basically.


If you're into stand up comedy you can check out who's going to be at Caroline's during the time youre there. It's on 50th and Broadway and has a website to see the schedule. I saw Louis CK there last night, it was great.


I used to live in Manhatten so I can give you some good tips on where/what to do. Due to your age you should check out the nightlife. There are amazing clubs and lots of good looking tail running around the city. Also as far as dining goes, NY has a restaurant/deli/vendor on every street corner. If you do some research before hand you can find the good spots. Another recommendation would be to print out a subway map ahead of time. The subways are very very confusing if you are not familiar. Check out craigslist.org and see if anyone is subleting a bedroom for a week when you are going to be there. Many people do that when they go out of town etc. Good luck.


Thanks guys, looks like there's plenty to do! I am wondering if I should hold off and go when it is warmer as mentioned, although I definitely want to go within the next 12 months. It's either November or I could hold off until your spring. Thanks for all the great suggestions, I want to go even more now. Is the NFL and NBA on in your spring?


NFL is done in January for the most part. NBA finishes in April, well at least in NY it does. Theres always baseball though if you wait until April/May, not as exciting as NFL or NBA unless you are a big fan.

It really wont be warm in New York until May. May/June is actually a good time to be here if it's not raining everyday. Touring in the summer humidity won't be enjoyable but it isn't that hot here in May. Usually around 65-70 F.


Go now or you'll never go. Supposedly our economy is in the shitter right now so you can get lots of good deals. If you wait til later the economy might have bounced back and people will screw you out of all your money when they hear your accent and mistakenly think you are a stoopid, poncey Brit, mate.

I'm personally richer than ever, but that's because I'm smart and don't expect the gummint to take care of me.


An interesting way to see the city is to take the Circle Line tour via boat. You get a great view of the city and a bit of history from the guide. You can also stop at the Intrepid museum. I'd also visit the WTC site.

Times Square is fun just to see it.