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Trip to Mexico

Let’s say, hypothetically, that I had a friend that was going to be on vacation in Mexico. She says she would be willing to pick up some things for me, how much luck could she hope to have in getting any juice? I’ve read about getting prescriptions down there, but I really can’t imagine a female being able to do this. Any advice on any possibilities?

Two of my best friends from college traveled to Mexico with the hopes of scoring some quality drugs. They actually went to a Dr. a received a perscription. Everything they brought back was junk. Don’t waste your money in Mexico.

Prescription? You don need no stinkin perscription. Just have her ask around. Most pharmacies will sell you whatever you want. Just give her a list of what you want and ask the clerk if they have them in stock. Once they see a list, they see $$$$.

They would be willing to sell her almost anything. It’s Mexico. As to the earlier post concerning “junk”: I’ve been involved with the TJ pharmacy scene for about six years now. To date, I’ve never had a problem. The reason? I educated myself about the products before I went looking for them. If you do your homework and shop around, you can find quality products in Mexico (without a prescription).

Thanks Bodz.
-Janeiro, where did your friends go, any ideas on how they could have avoided being ripped off?

Just have her get a cab and ask for some anabolics. They will take her someplace. You dont need a rx. Just have fun getting them over the border.

The real “trick” is knowing the product before you try and buy it. Try and findout the brand name, packaging, color, size, quantity, etc. before you go. There is always the chance that you’ll be ripped off (true of any gear source), but you can move the odds in your favor through research. I’d be careful about asking a taxi driver, local DR., or even a pharmacist. Show any of them that you might be nieve and they may try and take advantage of the situation.