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Trip to Mexico

Planning a trip to Mexico. I know they are a little more relaxed with getting rx drugs down there w/o rx. I’m wondering. is it possible for me to buy a bunch of nolvadex or clomid down there without an rx? and does anyone know the costs down there and how many caps/tabs. in a pack? also is it illegal to bring back to the states?

Yes. No. Yes.

Is it really worth possibly going to jail over compounds you could buy legally over the internet?

I’ve heard of these sites. But have also heard that 90% or more of them are fraudulent.

P ossums M ove . M ysteriously E xcited

Heheh. I like your poem.

[quote]Cortes wrote:
Heheh. I like your poem. [/quote]

LOL, worst poem ever!

MNguns if you didn’t get a from someone PM what you want are research chemicals

I saw most of this stuff in a kiosk in the airport in Cancun. cant take it in the US though or mail it to yourself.