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Trip to Europe to Stock Up


I will be going to Europe in the coming months and am trying to identify the best country to obtain some gear from. I will be living in Florence but will be traveling all over western Europe as well.

I plan on trying to stock up but am having trouble finding which countries I can legally obtain some gear.  Maybe some of you guys have had some experience in Europe or can direct me to a website where I could find the answers.  As of yet I haven't found any good information


One post wonders are the best....

Go to www.dea.gov and send them an email. They should be able to point you in the right direction.


yeah defintley check that website out. The dea will help you


Jesus H, you're all practically one post wonders.


There's no reason to be dicks, even if it is his first and only post. He's not asking for your source, or any source for that matter. He is asking where in Europe he can obtain some gear legally. I'd help you out but I'm clueless to the answer.

As for the DEA joke, it doesn't work when he's asking about a DIFFERENT COUNTRY.


I think Poland is a hot-spot. As well as the Netherlands (of course).




China..... just get ya some of the powder and brew on your own....


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Neatherlands. If you can smoke pot i'm pretty sure roids will be easy to find.


p.s I think Harlem or Amsterdam would be the best places to start.


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Let me make sure I understand what's going on.

All over the internet this morning is an article on the biggest gear bust yet, involving different countries, emails, forums, and websites. Then you proceed to come on and ask for suggestions of where to stock up.

Pure genius?

Anybody have the address of local cannibus sativa markets?


Bushy, do pharmacies in the UK require prescriptions? I'd imagine they do. It seems drug use isn't as controlled from what I've heard, but I figure I'd ask someone who lives there.


Yes, UK pharmacies require prescriptons for anything more potent than aspirin or ibuprofen. I doubt they stock gear though. The UK legal position is that gear for personal use is legal, can be shipped in or brought in on the person. However, dealing is, of course, illegal.




I would think getting the gear back would be alot more problematic than finding a source, unless you have experience with shipping and packaging.


I don`t know how the situation is right now but at least few years ago it was fairly easy to buy gear from Greece.
Another was Spain.
It might have changed all now though.
Bushy is right about amsterdam,they might have coffee shops all over where you can sit down and order hash and marihuana as much as you like but with steroids is defiantly not as easy.
Also the eastern part of europe is true specially Ukrain,and as far as i know you can get steroids in russia(europe?)from pharmacy with no problem, but i would never advice anyone to go to that shit hole.


The Balkans, Ukraine are pretty much it now


..i was about to respond and then i read this, lol...

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