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Trinidad and Tobago's Strongest Man


Here’s a facebook link to a video from the first edition of this competition.
The events were

  1. 405lb Deadlift for max reps in 60 seconds (belt and chalk only, no straps)
  2. Farmers Walk - 200lbs in each hand for 50m in 90 seconds (belt and chalk only, no straps)
  3. Tyre Flip for 25m with a 90 second time cap
  4. Medley - Overhead press 90lb Dumbell once, carry 185lb sandbag 25m, carry a tyre 25m, 90 second time cap
  5. Arm over Arm Truck Pull 25m, 60 second time cap


Good stuff. #4 looks like a lot of fun. Do you have a training log here?


An old one I don’t maintain, #4 was a lot of running, which was insanely fun and the crowd loved it.