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Trimtabber's Log

Today is my 32nd birthday. I’d like to say I feel great about that, however, there’s this sinking feeling in my stomach that I’ve half-assed it over 32 years. In fact there’s not a single long-term accomplishment I can say I gave it my all.

That changes now. Starting with my training. My goals can be generally summed up as this: by this time next year I would like to be roughly the same body weight (214 lbs), but lean, strong, and well- not half-assed, but BAD-ASSED. I am neither very strong, very big, or very lean as you will see. I love the feeling of over-eating and drinking to excess-but not the result.

Long term goal number 1: Get as lean as possible while increasing strength and improving health

Long term goal number 2: Improve conditioning to play more sports and be a competitive weekend-warrior

Long term goal number 3: Slowly add mass with as clean a diet as possible to at least 214 pounds

I am compiling pics, measurements, and testing baseline maxes for the big lifts as a starting point. Will also be throwing together an initial program by tomorrow. My hope for this log is that it helps not only me but other “average wussies” out there get their shit together.

"There are so many gifts still unopened from your birthday, There are so many hand-crafted presents that have been sent to you by God. The Beloved does not mind repeating, “Everything I have is also yours”

So in testing my one rep max in the front squat this week I didn’t stay tight enough and instead of dropping the load in front of me I let my lumbar spine round…oopsie. My low back into my left buttock is killing me, not really allowing a proper start to a program the last few days. However, I did compile some baseline strength numbers. These are my current raw, pathetic maxes:

Bench Press: 215 lbs

Front Squat: 225 lbs

Deadlift: 305 lbs

Clean and Press: 154 lbs

Pull-Ups (Bodyweight): 8 before grip failure

Back is feeling slightly better, however I will begin working around it to not tweak it tomorrow.

Tuesday 2/8/11- Friggin’ freezing out. Can’t wait for Spring…

Still nursing low back workout: 2 sec eccentric for all reps

A1) Pull-Up @ 216lbs bodyweight 5x5
A2) Dumbbell Walking Lunge @ 35’s 5x5

B1) Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curl @ 25lbs 5x5
B2) Dips slightly wider than shoulders @ 216lbs bodyweight 5x5

C1) Side Planks @30 second holds x2 each side

Treadmill Walk @ 4.0 MPH 3.0 incline 10 minutes.

Back feeling better every day. Starting to load it more and hope to do some squatting by the weekend.
I’ve been doing static, prone lumbar extension on elbows and even those aggrevate it. The extension is helping lessen the obstruction back there however. I’m looking up some mobility drills to add to the week as well to help with my flexibility.

Thursday 2/10/11

Workout: If you can call it that

Bench Press: 145lbs 5x5

Seated Leg Curl: 70lbs 5x5

Single Arm Dumbbell Row: 55lbs 5x5 each arm

Seated Calf Raises: 50lbs 5x5

Treadmill Walk 3.0 Incline @4.0MPH 15 min




I know I have a ton of work to do based on these sad pics. Current weight:217 lbs. I’m 6 ft tall. In addition I took circumference measures:


Neck (mid throat): 15 1/2 inches
Shoulders (2" below S-C joint): 49 inches
Chest (at nipple line): 44 inches
Stomach (at navel): 40 inches
Arms (6" blow A-C joint) Left: 15 1/4 inches; Right: 15 1/4 inches
Forearms (1" below radial head) Left: 12 inches; Right: 12 1/2 inches
Waist (at ASIS): 44 inches
Thighs (10" above mid-patella): Left: 25 inches; Right: 24 inches
Quads (2" above mid-patella) Left: 17 inches; Right: 16 inches
Calves (4" below fibular head) Left: 15 inches; Right: 15 1/2 inches

2/12/11 Saturday:

Did some light squatting this morning and it felt pretty good. I think my core strength is an issue with the heavy loading. I have to crawl before I walk:

Back Squat: 95x6, 135x5x4

Treadmill Walk: 4.0 MPH 15 min

2/14/11 Monday

Weight: 217 lbs


A1) Pull-Up (Bodyweight)5x5
A2) DB Walking Lunges 45’sx5x5 each leg

B1) Dips (Bodyweight) 5x5
B2) DB Concentration Curl 30x5x5

C1) Right Side Plank 30 secondsx2
C2) Prone Plank 30 secondsx2
C3) Left Side Plank 30 secondsx2

Low Back is at 90% today pain-wise. One week from stabbing pain with tingling doen the leg and I’m almost pain-free. Gosh I love rehab. Bring on the (smart) loading!

I’ve been keeping my calories at around 2000-2200 per day. This is at about a 40:30:30 carb:protein:fat ratio. The plan each week is to get stricter in terms of choices and maybe throw in a V-diet if I stall in dropping fat stores. Here’s a one day example of this week:

Meal 1: 3 Omega 3 eggs, 1 cup cooked Irish oatmeal with Splenda, Vitamin D, 3 REZ-V

Meal 2: (Post workout) 2 scoops Surge Recovery

Meal 3: Baked tortilla chicken breast, 1 cup Spanish rice, Broccoli, Cauliflower, water

Meal 4: 2 scoops Low Carb Metabolic Drive, 2 scoops Superfood, 4 Flameout

Meal 5: Baked Chicken Enchilladas, Cheese, Sour Cream, Water, 3 caps of ZMA

2/16/11 Wednesday:

Morning Workout:

A1) Bench Press: 155lbs x5x5
A2) One-Arm Dumbbell Rows: 70lbs x5x5

B1) Back Squat: 155lbs x5x5
B2)Prone Machine Leg Curl: 80x5x5

C1) Seated Calf Raises: 70lbs x5, 50lbs x8x3

Feel tired, like I need more sleep or something, but the weights felt a little on the light side. I’ll continue to add to the loads next workout

2/18/11 Friday


A1) Push-Press 121lbs x5x5
A2) DB Reverse Fly off bench 15’s x10x5

B1) Deadlift 226lbs x5x5

C1) Hanging Leg Raise Bodyweight x5x5
C2) Horizontal Hip Sled Calf Raise 272lbs x10x5

2/20/11 Sunday


A1)Pull-Up (Bodyweight) 5x5
A2) DB Walking Lunge 50’s x5x5

B1) Dips (Bodyweight) 5x5
B2) DB Concentration Curl 35x5x3, x3x2

Recumbant Bike 5min

Done later in day:

C1)Right Side Plank 30 sec x3
C2) Prone Plank Hold 30 sec x3
C3) Left Side Plank Hold 30 sec x3

Really felt like crap today and I blame my diet this weekend. I ate a lot of crap and not a great breakfast this morning, so I think that is why I felt a little light-headed during my workout. Atypical day- need to continue the good nutrition.

2/21/11 Monday

Bodyweight: 218 lbs.

Again, I’m supposed to be losing some weight here, but without significant changes to my diet or calorie expenditure, it 'aint gonna happen. I’m going to start throwing in a few lower carb days to help out. Here was the meal plan today:

Meal 1: Low Carb Metabolic Drive (2 scoops) with 2 tbsp milled flax, Superfood, Water, Vit D, Rez-V, Coffee, Cream

Meal 2: 7 oz Rotisserrie Chicken Breast, Broccoli, Cauliflower

Meal 3: Low Carb Metabolic Drive (2 scoops) with 4 Flameout Caps, water, fiber supplement

Meal 4: 6 oz Baked Yellowfin Tuna, Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa, Broccoli/Cauliflower

Meal 5: 2 tablespoons Almond Butter, ZMA, water

Walked on the treadmill 10 min.

2/22/11 Tuesday

A1) Bench Press @165lbs x5x5
A2) One Arm DB Row @75lbs x5x5

B1) Back Squat @185lbs x5x5

C1) Prone Machine Leg Curl @95lbs x5x5
C2) Seated Calf Raise @50lbs x10x3

Going to do some treamill walking later: 20 min @4.0MPH. Even though my program is very simple, I’ve been able to steadily increase the loading, which at some point will stall.

Not a very sexy log so far…but I have to pull myself out of a hole of pathetic-ness…:wink:

2/23/11 Wednesday:

Was in a rush at work so I cut my weight training short. I know, I hate excuses too. Here’s what I did:

A1) Push-Press @132lbs x5x5
A2) 45 degree DB Reverse Fly@15’s x8x3

B1) Horizontal Sled Calf Raises @240lbs x10x3
B2) Hanging Leg Raises 10x3

Treadmill @4.0MPH 20 min

2/25/11 Friday


A1) Pull-Up bodyweight plus 10lbs x5x5
A2) DB Walking Lunge 55’s x5x5

B1) Dips bodyweight plus 15lbs x5x5
B2) DB concentration curl 35 x5x5

C1) Right side plank 30 sec x3
C2) Prone plank 30 sec x3
C3) Left side plank 30 sec x3

2/27/11 Sunday


A1) Bench Press 175lbs x5x5
A2) One Arm DB Row 75lbs x5x5

B1) Squat: 195lbs x5x5

C1) Prone Leg Curl 110lbs x5x5
C2) Seated Calf Raise: 65lbs x10x3

Treadmill 4.0MPH x15 min

3/1/11 Tuesday:


A1)Push Press 143lbs x4, 132lbs x5x4
A2) Reverse DB Fly off Bench: 15x8, 20 x5x4

B1) Deadlift: 267lbs x5x5

C1) Hanging Leg Raise x10x3
C2) Horizontal Hip Sled Calf Raise 272lbs x10x3