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I always hear ads on the radio (Howard Stern, etc...) about "Trimspa." Does this stuff have anything in it that should actually help one lose fat?

I see there is a "Carb Blocker" and a "Fat blocker" etc.....

Is Trimspa totally fake?


I'm sure its crap but if its a pill then Anna Nicole prolly had not problem takin it...

But its got glucomannon, a typical bulk forming fiber that's supposedly gonna help you feel satiated, with some other worthless mild stimulants that prolly won't do much of anything as far as actual results go.

Hot Rox!


i recommend the "hollywood 48hr miracle diet!"


Dexatrim, rice cakes, cigarettes, heroine and lots of marathon cardio sessions...works for all the super models.


Cut off your leg to lose weight.


haha, really.

I wasn't planning on taking any :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just curious what the guru's around here thought about that stuff....

(I am on hot rox right now actually! and guess what, it seems to be working!)


Do a quick search for it. It's been discussed before. It's "active" ingredient is glucosomine. I believe the general consensous was that it was useless for weight loss. In the post there were a few studies presented.


First of all you have to consider most of what Howard Stern has to say as pure crap. Take it from there!


Long story short, In just two short years of marriage I have gone from 6'2" 225lbs 8% BF to 245lbs 16.5% BF. I am pissed at myself but I have two choices cry or get back on it. I started by changin diet again and the way I eat. I bought some Hot Rox and started this week. My wife is also back on the workout regime, but she takes a SSRI and we are looking at TrimSpa and CortiSlim. Does anyone have any input on these?




I actually did a search for it, but it came up with zero results for whatever reason...


AM, I did pubMed searches on the ingredients of BOTH products. I'm not impressed (big surprise). Save your cash.
I'm still amazed at how the concept of inhibiting a catabolic hormone has become popular...


I reccommend the South Beach Diet. :slight_smile:


Losing weight wasn't too hard for Anna Nicole Smith, not only because she took Trimspa, but also because she has aides.



Hahaha Aids+ whatever stimulents she consumes on a daily basis