Trimix Users, Where to Start?

I’m currently 27, and have been on TRT for 9 months. I’ve experienced no improvements with my ED, and my ED is sometimes worse on TRT than it was prior. I’m moving over to Defy Medical soon, but dialing in will take time that I don’t have right now. Viagra and Cialis don’t work.

I’d really like to try Trimix, and should be getting a call back from my Uro tomorrow to set up a prescription for it. What should I ask for? Strength, dosage, ect? I’ve done a little research so far, but it seems like there’s a spectrum of options.

A year ago I would’ve thought sticking a needle in my penis was insane, but now with the opportunities that I have, I can’t get this stuff fast enough!

You need to describe your TRT protocol in detail. High, low prolactin can cause issues with erections.

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This just made me physically shudder…

TRT works. Something must be wrong with dose, estrogen, prolactin, other hormones, etc. Are you self medicating or under a Dr.'s care? What’s your bloodwork look like?

Protocol and current labs.

Are you messing with your E2?

Thank you for the replies guys, I will be getting comprehensive labs in a few days on my current HCG Mono protocol. I do not have any problems with E2, my body doesn’t convert that much. I was on Test Cypionate only for about 4-5 months at 50mg E3.5D.

TT for both HCG mono and T Cypionate have been about 400-600ng/dL at trough
E2 for both HCG mono and T Cypionate have been about 19.8-28pg/mL at trough

I believe I haven’t been responding to TRT due to elevated Rt3. I believe I’ve just discovered the cause of my elevated Rt3, and it’s probably due to elevated Cortisol, which was confirmed by a 4 point dinural saliva Test. I also just discovered that I have very mild sleep apnea, and will be using a CPAP starting tonight. This could be causing the elevated cortisol, along with the stress that I’ve been dealing with for the past couple of years. Prolactin usually hovers around 12 ng/mL, which isn’t too bad but will likely lower after apnea and cortisol issues are fixed.

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Sleep apnea also increases HCT, so be careful.