TriMethyl X, I Need Help Please!!!

i need to know If tri methyl X can help to my gains, am 28,Ht 6’1" , 175lb I wanna get ripped and pack mo muscle and a friend of mine told me about tri methyl X, but i am takin wheybolic 60 (protein),fish oil pills and multi vitamin extreme Athlete pack ( X12 burns calories,Amplified Creatine 189â?¢, amped-up creatine; and Amplified Maxertion N.O., a nitric oxide enhancer)and so am wondering if this will be stackin.

Sorry, but if you are 175lb at a height of 6’1" then you have no business using PHs or AAS. You need to look at your diet and training first. If you are going to use them anyway, at least read the stickies for your own good. And it would help if you used punctuation.

thanx, i was 185 and i decided to do a lot of cardio and worked out so i can loose some fat and start packin muscle and now am thinkin of gettin into a cycle and I wanna do it the right way,thats whys am lookin for advices.

Im going to guess you are between 17-19 and immature for your age. I suggest staying away from the Tri-Methyl X AT LEAST until you read the stickies and figure out how to actually start a real thread. You give us a half ass thread and expect sound advice.

You want to gain weight with (im assuming) sub-par diet and now you want to try PHs because you just arent getting results quick enough. I see no maturity what so ever and definitely not someone with enough mental capacity to assume the risk of taking PHs.