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Trim Wants to Be Lean


Haha, yeah I’ve had a lot of deep-dish in my life, and that was pretty good, but it wasn’t my favorite in Chicago. Gino’s East still takes the crown for my money. I don’t even wanna mention the Italian beef sandwiches there…


I’m a New Yawkuh so Chicago isn’t my favorite pizza, but too many NYers just hate unnecessarily on some amazing pizza because it’s elsewhere.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with good pizza wherever you prefer it. Chicago, New York, thin crust, deep-dish…good is good, and great is great…

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I’m in Virginia now and I can’t get good bagels, pizza, or baconeggandcheese sandwiches. I called a “new York deli” and was like “baconeggancheesesaltandpeppanoketchup” and somebody with a deep southern accent was like “whuttt?” And I just hung up.



Morning conditioning stuff for a tired motherfucker…

80 yard interval runs; 30 seconds rest, x10
Torque Tank push/pull, knees bent 50 yard x5 rounds each
Single leg calf hops, arms in the air x20 each leg, 3 rounds
Cable face pulls, 22.5lbs x20 x3
Indoor track walk, 5 min cool-down


The Great Pizza Debate - can’t compare Deep Dish to NY Pie, they’re different animals. I love them both, but it would be apples and oranges.

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Completely agree, there is no debate. I do have an unofficial top 5 deep dish places in Chicago, however. Thin crust can rock all over the country…



Bodyweight: 204.5 lbs


Breakfast: Coffee, 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, mixed with 1 and 1/4 cup cooked oatmeal, strawberries

Lunch: Chipotle Double Chicken Bowl with White Rice, Black Beans, Cheese, Sour Cream, Lettuce, Sauteed Veggies

Dinner: 3 Scoops Isolate Chocolate Whey with water, medium apple

Calories 2084; Protein: 230g; Carbs: 193g; Fat: 48g


And then you go to Italy and have pizza at a nice restaurant and there’s a completely different monster. The magic of pizza.

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Slight diet derailment today but now back on track. @JMaier31, there must have been something in the air today, because I too, succumbed to Dunkin’ Donuts that some well intention-ed fool brought into work. I ate 3 before I even tasted much. I was saddened, because if I’m gonna do that, I can at least find better donuts to waste the calories on. My wife texted me that my 5 year old threw a tantrum in public and bit her finger when she made him go home. That kinda sent me over the edge.

Really tired and stressed at work today, looking forward to a weekend off with the family and maybe solid gym time where I can have a nice long workout without a time limit.

Normally at times like this I would pop a few IPA’s of some bourbon (or both). Since I wanted to stay home with the family instead of the gym, I opted for 50 reps of rear leg elevated split squats on each leg and called it a day.


I’m right there with us. I frequently sacrifice food for alcohol to stay close to my calories.

That’s enough work to qualify this as a training day.

I have continued to struggle with food. I’m craving carbs bad. This doesn’t happen often so I gave in. I had oatmeal for dinner which was close to my budget; however, I just ate some PB&J and now I’m way over.


I think Carboholics Anonymous would have a greater following than A.A. most days. Not making fun of the latter, but seriously. How does anyone really stop eating this shit?

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I don’t think we were meant to avoid carbs. The crap we’ve created - yes. But I think the natural stuff is good for us. I guess I should consider myself successful because I’ve been eating healthy carbs lately with the exception of today’s donut.

My new caloric breakdown only allows me 200g of carbs. That’s as close to keto as I’ve ever been and I find myself with an insatiable appetite every few days due to the low amount of carbs.


Very true, good point. My point was really I wished crap carbs didn’t exist. Especially ones that come in a box.

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I’m all in with you guys about the carbs. The natural carbs are fine, and we must avoid the crappy ones.
However every now and then a donut, some candy or chocolate is part of being human, it’s all about not eating it everyday.
As long as we’re not world class athletes and everything is going in the right direction, there’s nothing wrong with crabby carbs.

So maybe not today but sunday or monday you’ll just do a day of very lean eating at a very low calorie intake. and voila the donuts are gone.


If money wasn’t involved then I don’t think they’d exist, but here we are. The stuff is pure poison but they keep making it and we keep eating it. Imagine if we had the same cravings and subsequent joy for eating apples, oranges, pineapple, etc.

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Bodyweight: 202 lbs or 206 lbs depending on the scale used…gym scale more forgiving than work scale…

A1)Deadlift (ramp up sets) 220lbs x5, 250lbs x3, 278lbs x6 (switched to mixed grip)
B1) Barbell bench press (ramp up sets), 145lbs x5, 165lbs x3, 185lbs x4
C1) One arm dumbbell rows 75lbs x10, x10, x10, x8, x8 switching arms, minimal rest
D1) 45 degree reverse crunch: x20, x15, x15

Giant set:
E1) Barbell preacher curls: 60lbs x10, x6, x5, x5
E2) Incline dumbbell bench, arms rotating to supinate: 55’sx10, x8, x5, x5

F1) Single leg calf raises with 2 sec pauses (top/bottom) off step (Bodyweight) x12, x10, x10, x8, x7 (alternating legs, no rest)
G1) 6-way dumbbell delt raise: 10’s x10, x10

Solid workout today, feeling great. ( I’m thinking the secret is 85 degree weather and no work…but I digress…) Deadlifts felt awesome on my back, decided to not throw in an Joker’s however. Definitely my best big lift, I just wish squats felt as easy to me.

Conditioning later with some tennis, yard work, maybe a dog walk and family time…Happy Satur-yay…

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I’m right there with ya.

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Me too

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Bodyweight: 203 lbs

A1) Back squat: 176lbsx5, 205lbs x5, 230lbs x4, Joker: 185lbs x8, x8
B1) Barbell overhead press: 95lbs x5, 115 lbs x5, 130lbs x4, Joker sets: 95lbs x9, x7

Giant set

C1) Dips (bodyweight): x10, x8, x5
C2) Pull-up parallel grip (bodyweight) x8, x5, x4
C3) Seated calf raise machine (2 sec pauses top and bottom): 50lbs x10, x8, x8

D1) Hack squat machine (3 second eccentric) (185lbs) x10, x10, x10, x10
E1) Prone hamstring curl machine: 95lbs x10, x10, x10, x10
F1) Incline dumbbell biceps curls: 25’s x10, x10, x10, x10, x8 (hard contraction at the top)

Allowing my upper caloric budget for two beers tonight for the finale of Game of Thrones. Hope the ending is satisfying…

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