Triller Debacle: Holyfield vs Belfort

I did not purchase or stream or anything.

Just read an article and watched a highlight clip.

Who ever is on the board of the Florida sanctioning body should go to jail. That was criminal negligence.

He did age really well for a boxer. Should have been oldest heavy weight champion with W over Valuev if anyone recalls that controversial majority decision.

Anyways, if are not feeling melancholy enough today as it is just take a look at this:

At least Tito got ktfo so not everything was sad.


Correct. This is the most disgusting trend in the area of “professional fighting” . Pick the most aging fighter you can find and sign him up to be humiliated in the ring. The UFC went to soap opera shit years ago, but, this crap is not worthy of anything. Amazes me that someone would actually buy this crap. What? you like seeing aging fighters get beaten and possibly suffer brain damage ? What does that say about you? This type of crap embarrasses everyone associated with professional fighting.

“lets go buy that pay per view”, maybe we will get lucky and someone will die"

I ran across this article the other day, thought you might be interested:


It’s alright, guys - I’m pretty sure this was all a mass hallucination. There’s obviously no way a former president provided commentary as a 60 year old got (more) brain damage on the anniversary of 9/11.


It sounds like a summary of a mediocre Futurama episode from 2010.

It’s a toxic combination of broke old people with CTE and name recognition and the constant needs of sportstainment.

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This doesn’t sit well with me because of my age.

As a semi related side note, I posted in my recent thread a video and story about a boxer who died after being put in a coma during a bout.

Yeah Lima is legit.

Igor Vovchanchyn as well. 5’8 and fought as a heavyweight. Some of his early fights were bare knuckle as well.

Trump did commentary? That is insane.

Carter actually. Really uncharacteristic of him.


He’s got lots of name recognition and 4 years of eligibility left. Time to get out there and get people excited for a Carter-Presidency reboot.