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Trigger point therapy

Anybody got success using trigger point therapy? My joints are screwed up. I tried everything (including ART, from one of the ART instructors), and nothing does the trick. Damn computer programming.

Thanks a lot.

Do you mean your elbows, wrists, or what? You have to stretch a few times a day for your forearm muscles to keep the area loose after treatments.
Personally, I never found trigger point therapy very effective compared to ART for myself. Trigger point therapy is delivered cross fiber, which won’t always make changes in the tissue. Tell me more and I might be able to help.

I’m in agreement with irondoc. Have you considered the repetitive stress issues associated with prolonged computer work. May need to alter you workstation to help improve postural issues. Add frequent stretching of wrists, shoulders/pecs and get strong in your scapular muscles, core and thoracic extensors. Stronger muscles are more fatigue resistant. Hope that helps.

I’ve had minor irritations near the elbow insertion point of the right bicep,tricep, and the whole wrist plagued with irritation also. The irritation is not directly into the joint, but more and the very lower extremity of the muscle. Hope you can help me with that.