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Trigenics? (Poliquin's YouTube)


just posted on Poliquin's youtube channel
pretty interesting,


Bitch tits?


This Trigenics stuff really is the up and coming technic in manual therapy. ART is great, but having taken both courses, I think Trigenics has the potential to do better and go even further. And it's more useful for trainers as well, not just manual therapist. You can greatly boost flexibility or strength in seconds, so you look like a magician to your clients


Watched the videos. Sounds like they're trying to hone in on what Z-Health has been doing for 10 years now. I watched the trigenics videos and it looks like their system less effective but more marketable.


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I plan to be in PT school in a few years and from the shadowing I've done at various clinics thus far, manual therapy is of great interest to me. I would love to learn more about this.


Hey BBB, this is definitely a class every manual therapist should take, definitely no BS. In fact, it's just as useful for trainers.

There's different levels, so far I've taken the CTT, Certified Trigenics Trainer class. There's two components to it: an assessment one, and a treatment one.

The assessment is the traditional the break tests. I was using a different assessment method and didn't know of these, so I found it useful. Dr. Austin calls this the Neurokinetic assessment, as it shows the strength and flexibility of muscles in the body.

The other component, the treatment, is very easy, quick and almost fool-proof. It allows one to quickly re-estblish proper length/tension relationship in the muscle, boosting strength or flexibility in seconds.

The results are also very stable and long-lasting, as they act either on muscle spindle or on GTO, depending on what you do, on a reflex level. That the "nervous system" re-training Dr. Austin mentions.

This level is not mandatory for manual therapists, but is for trainers. The other levels show more advanced techniques and I plan on being in the class that takes place in Toronto in August.

Although I'm not certified yet in ART and Z-Health (plan to though), I've been treated in ART and researched Z-Health a lot and I can tell you this is different, but complimentary. One major difference though, is that Trigenics can be done easily in the gym, and has quick results on clients. It's a tremendous tool to have results, and a very good selling point, both for personal training and for treatment. It gives an appreciable help in client confidence when they see that not you can talk the talk, but also get them to walk the walk.

I highly recommand you get a treatment before attending a class, but you'll be amazed at the results and regret taking a class. It is money well spent and a great return on investment in my personal experience.

Do ask me more precise questions if you feel so inclined. If I can't get a proper answer, I'll ask to my contact at the Institute.

Hope that helps!


Zen, I'm interested as this sounds like it could really help my shoulder.
Do you practice in Montreal?


Hey Diana, I'm not in Montreal myself, but you can go see my good friend Jean-Fran├žois Thibault, a great ART and Trigenics practitionner.



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BBB, my Poliquin prac in Bath is being trained this week. Might be around in the UK for a while.

I'm getting a treatment on Saturday as part of my sessions with him so that he can "try it out".


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Will do. Should be an interesting experience.


In case anyone is interested there are a couple of Certified Trigenics Trainer courses coming up really soon. I am not sure if they are sold out or not. One in Toronto Canada on October 1-2...Shoulder and Upper Extremity and another in Tallinn, Estonia on October 29-30...Lower Extremity. You can get info on www.trigenics.com

There are also some great videos on youtube.... just put in TRIGENICS TESTIMONIALS SINGAPORE to see Poliquin "Coach Jon" Wong with before and after lifts. There is also another interesting video attatched which was done at the Trigenics Upper Extremity course in at the Body Development Gym in Bath, UK this year. (Just click play and the blue screen will open)


Regarding the comment comparing Trigenics to Z Health: Trigenics has been around far longer and is substantially different. Historically, Trigenics was actually the FIRST to use the phrase "RETRAIN THE BRAIN". (It has been in their promo materials for over 10 years.) Trigenics was also really the first "neuro" on the block. They are the neuro originals so anything even close to it is likely mimicking them, not the other way round. As for results, they are reported by those taking the courses to be unparalleled. I am sure that you will agree with my statements if you take one of the workshops or courses. Everyone who has taken the program quickly understands just how different and tremendously effect this neurologically based treatment and training system is and how truly valuable it is for trainers.

I think Trigenics will probably hit its critical mass in the next year and when it does, the courses will hold high numbers of students like other courses that catch on suddenly. If you are thinking about the checking out the courses, I would suggest taking one soon while the enrollement numbers are still within reasonable limits and while the founder himself is still teaching. It wont last like this for long I am sure. (For the blank light blue screen video above, just click play and it will open with Charles Poliquins opinions on Trigenics)